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Thursday, January 28, 2010

PECOTA Puts Yanks in 3rd

Baseball Prospectus has come out with their annual PECOTA projections and Yankee fans will not be pleased. Here is the AL East:

You could just say the nerds who live in their mother's basement have no idea what the hell they are talking about but here at the Chuck Knoblog we love and appreciate stats. PECOTA still has the Yankees churning out the most runs score by a lot and the highest OBP and slugging. So the offensive juggernaut that is the Yankee offense is projected to keep on kicking ass.

With only 20 days until pitchers and catchers report, baseball can start to take hold of our mind yet again.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wrapping Up June

The Yankees have finished June and now let's check totals from that month.

Time for some statistical fun!

The Yankees came in with the 17th best team average (.253) behind both the Red Sox (.260) and Rays (.284) who lead the MLB. As for long-balls the Yankees finished 8th best in the league in home runs totaling up to 33 much less than last month (42) due to the many away games. Scoring 140, 4th in the league, and driving in 140, 4th in the league. Yankees team OBP is 2nd in the Majors coming in
at .354 which is similar to last month. Their slugging % is 5th best in the game, .433. A slightly lower BABIP (.269).

Since the Yankees started the month poorly but ended with a 7 game winning streak. So they earned some pretty average numbers. Hopefully in the next month they will keep the streak going.

Season Totals: Avg: 272 (4th), HRs: 116 (2nd), RBIs: 404 (2nd), OBP: 355 (2nd)

The Yankees clocked 15 wins this month (8th) and 11 losses (7th). Coming in at 10th the Yankees ERA 3.55. The K were sweet this month the Yanks came in 2nd (215). Giving up an insane 26 HR (13th)
Starting Pitching had a 4.07 ERA (16th)

Relief Pitching had a 2.63 ERA (6th).

Season Totals: W-L: 16-11, ERA: 4.24 (21), K's: 227 (4th)

The Yankees team UZR is -6.7

Here are the current standings:

Pitching Improving

Yankee's FIP's by month:

April- 4.85

May- 5.02 (Last in baseball)

June- 3.89

July- 3.48 (Obviously a small sample size)

It looks like after struggling the first two months, the Yankees pitchers finally settled into a groove. Girardi has seemingly found the right mix of relievers and the big money guys (Burnett/Sabathia) have started to live up to their contracts. Chien Ming Wang has also pitched much better of late.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The 'Pen's Era So Far

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Good to be Home

So far it looks like the Yankees are adjusting well to their new home. Their home record is 6-2 compared to the 7-8 away record. Driving in 48 and jacking 15 home runs, the Yankees are embracing their new home. So far we have taken 2 from the dreaded Angles who seem to be a lot weaker without Vlad in the lineup. With 2 of the four game series still left to play, a sweep would be a great boost before the series against Boston. As long as the Yankees keep winning the fans will grow to love the new home as well.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wrapping Up April

The Yankees have finished April and now let's check totals from that month.
Time for some statistical fun!

The Yankees finished with the 7th highest team average (.277) behind both the Red Sox (.284) and Blue Jays (.290). The home runs have been flying, many say due to the New Stadium. Regardless, the Yankees finished 2nd in the league in home runs totaling up to 32. Scoring 123 is not too shabby (5th in the league) and driving in 112 isn't too bad either (6th in the league). Yankees team OBP is 6th best coming in at .359. Their slugging % is 3rd best in the game, .470. A mid-range BABIP is good as well (.302). 174 runners left on base in April, ouch.

With a slumping Mark Teixieria and an injured Alex Rodriguez these numbers are bound to improve once both of them are back to themselves.

The Yankees total pitching stats are not as shinny as the hitting ones. Coming in 2nd to last the Yankees ERA is a shinny 5.88 beating out the O's by .01. The K totally were mid-range coming in at 148. Giving up 27 HRs does not help much (tied for 4th highest).

Starting Pitching had a 5.43 ERA

Relief Pitching had a 6.65 ERA. Giving up the 15 home-runs, the most in baseball. Pitching 69 innings (8th most)

The Yankees team UZR is -5.3.

Boston- 14-8
Toronto- 15-9
New York- 12-10 2.0 Games Back
Baltimore- 9 13 5.0 Games Back
Tampa Bay- 9 14 5.5 Game Back
Thank you FanGraphs

Monday, August 25, 2008

Put Your Scouting Caps On

Tangotiger at The Book-The Blog is running his sixth annual scouting report by the fans, for the fans. The reasoning behind it is basically that the current fielding metrics that we have are unreliable, and cannot be trusted like our current batting and pitching metrics. For this reason, we have to rely on our on observations as well as looking at the numbers to accurately judge a player's fielding ability. So, Tangotiger has asked the fans to fill out his little poll to rate the fielding abilities of the players on your favorite team. At the end, Tangotiger will compile the ratings and release the results, which will be a great help in evaluating fielders' talents.

Here is the link. All contributions are welcome. It will only take 5-10 minutes and is very simple.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bill James the Baron of Baseball Stats

Tonight on 60 Minutes there was a great special on Bill James, the baseball statistician whiz. Most people will be watching the Braves v. Nationals game or recovering from the Davidson loss but 60 minutes really pulled through with the story on baseball statistics. I am hoping that this story, being watched primarily by the elderly, will open the eyes of those batting average embracers. For those of you who don't know, Bill James is a baseball statistician who has written over two dozen books devoted to Baseball stats and in 2006 he was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. The king of almost every baseball stat geek, Bill James revolutionized the way baseball looks at statistics. He taught us, among other things, that individual ballparks have a profound effect on a ballplayer's production, that the largest variable determining how many runs a team will score is how many times the leadoff hitter gets on base, that much of what we perceive as pitching is actually defense. Some of James' most prominent theories include: Major League Equivalency (which shows minor league performance to be a valuable predictor of big-league success), Runs Created (quantifying a player's actual contributions to his team's runs scored), Win Shares (to compare players at different positions and from different eras) and Range Factor (as a measure of defensive effectiveness). Before James, the typical fan -- and, for that matter, many sportswriters and historians -- paid little attention to such variables as the impact of park dimensions, the value of stolen bases, or the truth of established beliefs over who was to credit (or blame) for a team's fortunes. Now such interpretation is taken for granted. In the late '70s, he started publishing his "Baseball Abstracts," yearly dissections of baseball players and baseball seasons that were typed, photocopied and sent to other aficionados. He built up a cottage industry and the publishing world noticed; in 1982, the "Bill James Baseball Abstract" was put out nationally, and became an annual bestseller -- despite concern that there was a narrow market for his work. In 2002 the Reds Sox hired Bill James and since then things have shifted within the organization. That includes providing input before the Red Sox signed players such as David Ortiz and Mark Bellhorn, who helped the team end an 86-year drought by winning the 2004 World Series and as you all know (I hope) the Red Sox won the World Series again last season two rings for crunching numbers....not bad. "Bill's had a great influence on the game," says Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein, who recalls reading James' Abstract when he was 10. "He's really helped bring objective analysis from behind the clouds into the sunshine. His unique perspective is always valuable for us. Whenever we have an issue, we solicit his opinion. His opinions help us get to the right answer."