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Monday, April 19, 2010

Contest: See Bernie Williams Live at the Bergen PAC

Here is another Chuck Knoblog contest.

You could win 2 tickets to go see Bernie Williams play Live at the Bergen PAC on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 8PM in Englewood, NJ!

All you have to do is answer this trivia question:

"Who is the last pitcher to throw 4 strikeouts in one inning?"

The first person to email me the answer will receive 2 tickets to see Bernie live in concert to play music from his album Moving Forward.

If you would like to buy tickets (because you missed the contest) check here

Englewood is just a 15 minute drive from NYC

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter held his only press conference today talking about his Yankee career. Jeter says he wants to stay with the Yankees for his whole career. Wow, there's news! Do we expect anything different from this guy? Do you realize as a Yankee fan how lucky we are to be able to be Yankee fans in the Jeter era? I have told my sons that they haven't lived through a Yankee era without Derek Jeter. Lets just say it, Derek Jeter is an American hero! If he wasn't a New York Yankee he would be more popular that Tiger Woods before the mistresses. Can anyone say something derogatory about DJ? About his personal life? Writers have tried to punch holes in Jeter saying he is smug and never gives straight answers about the ball club. I call that brilliant! That is not his job. They say he is not a vocal leader. So! Either was Mickey Mantle. His peers followed Mickey for what he did on the field and how he handled himself. Remind you of someone? Mantle would do anything to win, getting his legs wrapped before every game with yards of tape, then limping to his position and following that up with game winning hits or catches. Again, remind you of someone. There is going to come a day where the opening day announcement of Yankees at the Stadium to the first base line will not include Derek Jeter. Then we will look at each other and finally admit to ourselves how lucky we were to have Derek Jeter as a Yankee SS for the last 20 or so years. I am not waiting! I am going to enjoy every game, every at bat and every Jeter play in the field. I am not going to get caught wanting like we did for Bernie or Donnie.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yankee Minor League System

One of the good things, for me, about being a big baseball and Yankee fan has always been being able to go through the Yankee Minor League teams and looking at stats of some "future" Yankees.
But I learned long ago that just because a player in "A" ball hit .320 doesn't mean we will ever see him in a Yankee uniform. This is especially true of the Yankee system.
For years the Yankees have used their Minor League system for trades and not so much for the calling up of players to help the big team. There have been exceptions, we all know Jeter, Pettitte, Mariano, Bernie and Jorge since 1996, but for the most part not so many. I see a different pattern emerging now! The Yankees have more than a few young players in the lower system, both pitchers and every dayers. Especially, it seems, catchers. Among the names you might be seeing in the near future are Montero, Romine, Sanchez, Murphy and Higashioka. That is more than normal the amount of catching prospects for an organization and should alleviate any concerns about what the Yanks will do when Jorge is gone. In fact, in Jesus Montero the Yankees have the third highest rated prospect in baseball according to many of the magazines that do this type pf player rating. He is prospected out as a back-up catcher but a big tome power hitter at DH or possibly some OF. Romine and Sanchez are considered the future starters. Someone better tell Francisco Cervelli this. It's pretty exciting to know that, beside putting a World Series winner on the field at the major League level the Yanks are doing their due diligence on the minor league level. Bodes well for the future!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cash Speaks

Brian Cashman, along with Theo Epstein spoke yesterday to an audience at William Paterson University in New Jersey. He voiced his opinion on many topics, including the possible Johan Santana trade. He had this to say:
"My strong recommendation is we stick with our young pitching staff and keep it in-house.That's my recommendation, and we've fought hard to take one step back to take two giant steps forward."
I agree, and it looks like they will stick with the youngsters. He later mentioned that Johnny Damon and Bobby Abreu were out of shape last spring. Hopefully that will change this year. He then said that Bernie's 2005 season was poor, and Joe Torre should not have played him over Melky.