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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cash Drops Some Knowledge

This is via Marc Craig of LoHud:

From Cashman, it sounds like Aceves will make at least one more rehab appearance.


Also from Cashman: Hughes IP limit applies only to regular season. In playoffs, it's "all hands on deck." Hughes a candidate to start.

Cashman also Ivan Nova as an option to help the rotation if needed.


Cashman says the Yankees aren't looking to make any waiver trades: "This is the team we've got."

If Nova is called up I am excited to see what this kid has, his value has been high in trade talks. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Yankees, Writers and Fans

As a Yankee fan for all of my 55 years I have always found the relationship between writers, the Yankees and the fans fascinating in that one moment all three are on the same page and the next at least 2 of the 3 are at each other's throats.
The latest story involves Johnny Damon, Brian Cashman, Scott Boros and Mike Lupica. Lupica has gone back and forth on the Yankees, both criticizing and praising the team for their many moves through the years. This time he has made Cashman his personal pinata. Lupica says that Damon isn't a Yankee because of Cashman's ego. Is this the same Cashman that has been ripped and blasted by Yankee heirarchy and had to swallow his ego every time? In my corner Brian Cashman is as professional as you get. No leaks from him and a Yankee through and through. Why is it that Boros and Damon get the free ride. Boros has no soul when it comes to contracts for "his" players. The teams are always the villain. Now let me get this straight. It's OK to bash the Yankees for their high payroll but , when the team tries to stay at a certain number, they are heartless and greedy. And the fans, the fickle Yankee fans, call Hal Steinbrenner greedy because he will "keep the extra 4 million that would have been paid Damon". Now that is drop dead funny. The "boys" spend 200 million, donate $500,000 to Haiti but they are greedy? Now I am all for players making money. They entertain us and help fans get away from the doldrums of everyday life. More power to them but, c'mon, they make millions of dollars per year, never have to lift a suitcase and receive over $100 per day meal money. Now that's tough! So let's put things in perspective. Cashman's job is to put the best Yankee team on the field, and to stay within some type of budget. Damon's job is to play baseball and Boros, well his job is to squeeze every last dollar out of a team using any means he can. So now we know three of the subjects and what their goal is. But Lupica, well he has the easiest job of the four. He can sit behind his monitor and write whatever he wants. Because he is a sportswriter. Who, though he has a great job that almost any Yankee would love, has this syndrome that he is the over worked underpaid guy who is the conscience of baseball. Hah! Let me say this, just be consistent in your views Lupica. I know you can but how about a little consistency with your words.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kevin Towers: Best Move of the Winter?

A long lasted rumor just came to fact as the Yankees have announced that Kevin Towers has signed on with the team. I originally heard of the chance of Towers being a Yankee two months ago at the Winter Meetings. Glad to see it finally happening. Towers and Brian Cashman have been buddies for many years and have made a couple of trades with each other. Towers brings experience and knowledge to the Yanks, experience that will help "Cash" in whatever he is assigned and knowledge of the National League. He also is a keen eye for young talent. In San Diego he wasn't always working with a Yankee type payroll and had to do with an expertise of young, inexpensive players. Overall, one of the great of season moves in baseball as the Yankees pick up a bargain. Good job Brian Cashman. Hopefully Towers will be used in scouting the college players for the June draft and at trade time in evaluation of possible trades.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Hinske Trade

And so we begin the 2009 trade deadline tag. A little earlier then I expected but that's okay.

First a look at the players in the deal:

Eric Fryer- Fryer came over from the Brewers in the trade that sent them Chase Wright. Other than that I don't know to much about him. I do know that he didn't appear on any of the Yankees prospect lists I raed before this year and he's done nothing to move onto them so far this year. He's hit .250/.333/.344 this year in A+ ball after hitting .335/.407/.506 last year in A ball. He was originally a catcher but hasn't seen much time there since his rookie year. If he has a ML future, its as a corner outfielder. He's also 24 which seems a little old to still be in A ball. No great loss here.

Casey Erickson- I don't know much about Erickson either. I don't recall seeing him on any top prospect lists either. Anyway, he's a 24 year old reliever in A ball. His numbers this year are undeniably good, a 2.54 FIP is always nice, and his numbers in past years are also good but you would hope that at 24 and being a reliever, he would be at least in Trenton by now. He's a non-prospect . I'm really at a loss as to what the Pirates might see in him. Their moves just don't make any sense to me.

Eric Hinske- Hinske has never truly lived up to the potential that many people say in him when he won the Rookie of the Year award as a young third baseman for the Blue Jays. He stuck around with Toronto for a couple years before being acquired in mid 2006 by Boston to bolster their bench. Hinske played the part well providing them with some power and demonstrated his versatility at first, third, and both corner outfield spots. He would be brough back in the the same role in 2007 for them but was much less succesful. He has never been an average hitter but its tough to hit .204 and still be useful. The Red Sox let him go but he caught on with the Rays and enjoyed a career renaissance with his most valuable year since his rookie season. His EQA jumped from .269 and .256 in his year and a half with Boston to .288. This past offseason he found very little interest but still managed to wring a one year, 1.5 million dollar deal from the Pirates and started out well with a .280 EQA. The question with Hinske is whether we're getting the Pirates/Rays version of him or the Red Sox version of him. If his resurgence is for real then we're getting a very solid bench player who can spell A-Rod, Texeira, Matsui, Damon, and Swisher as well as anybody and quite possibly better than Nady. The Pirates are also pickin up half of what little remains on his contract.

All in all I think this was a very nice under the radar move by Cashman. Its not a huge flashy acquistion like, say Huston Street or Matt Holliday, but in a tight division like the AL East when things could be decided by a game or two, this one guy could be a difference maker while Fryer and Erickson will probably amount to nothing. I have no idea what the Pirates were thinking though. It doesn't make sense to me for them to sign this guy and then trade him and pick up his one year contract in a trade for two guys like Fryer and Erickson.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cash Rules

Wang: “Performance-wise he was terrific. This was a much better hitting club. Columbus is a much better offensive club than the team he was facing last time, but his stuff was better last time to be honest. Although he performed great in both outings, he didn’t have the slider that he had last time. His changeup was better today than last time. His fastball velocity was a little bit lower this time than it was last time.
“At the same time, he handled the lineup and got a lot of groundballs. Facing guys like (Travis) Hafner kind of tells you a little something you want to know. I know Hafner is on a rehab assignment and he’s a guy who can really do some damage if you’re making mistakes, not making some pitches, and he made his pitches. That tells you a lot.
“What you’d love to see are all pitches working at optimal levels, but that’s not always realistic. Obviously the most important thing is performance and he has performed in his two starts here, there’s no doubt about that.”
“Ultimately, with him, as long as he’s getting sink, he can pitch and be successful, there’s no doubt about that. And he feels good about himself. I had a chance to talk to him in the trainer’s room, so these are two trips well worthwhile for me. Our team is winning in New York and we are getting closer to being healthy and adding guys like a Bruney and a Wang and that’s a great thing for us.”

Bruney: “He looked healthy, which is the biggest thing for him. Unlike Wang, he’s coming off of an elbow injury, so you want to see health, and I saw health.”

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All Done?

With Pettitte finally signing the roster seems pretty much set. We`ve got our 5 man rotation and our starting lineup. I`m betting on both Nady and Swisher staying put now so we have the bench set pretty well to. So what's left? Not much. The Yanks have filled their budget and snuck past the 190 payroll mark. Please, no crazy proposals about an 11th hour Manny bid or moving Joba to the pen and signing Sheets. And yes, my fetish for Adam Dunn will have to wait. I`d like to see an upgrade over Jose Molina or Cody Ransom but I don't see that happening. I don't think they`re going to further decimate the draft either by signing Juan Cruz. 2009 is supposed to be very deep and they could pay over slot with their 4th round pick.

In a little over a month (!) Spring Training games will start and we`ll start figuring out CF, the bullpen, who's going to miss the first month of the season, and suffer through a minor controversy about A-Rod (although we may have a head start on that one). Until then things are going to be pretty quiet throughout baseball. With nothing else to distract sports fans their bound to be some absurdist journalism as well. So please, for the sake of my sanity, don't e-mail me every time the tabloid papers suddenly hear some ridiculous rumor.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In Retrospect....

Thank god the Yankees didn't trade for Johan Santana last winter.

No that is not a typo. My point is that Johan Santana's contract is going to come back to bite the Mets in the end. Largely ignored in the debates raging over Santana was the fact that he was going to endup costing somebody a ton of money. Here`s his RCA's for the past three years:

2006- 3.10 (79 runs in 229 innings)

2007- 3.19 (77 runs in 217 innings)

2008- 4.02 (101 runs in 226 innings)

Just so you know, I checked the 2008 stats three times and they are correct. If you`re suddenly doubting the validity of this stat then I`d like to note that I did predict Barry Zito's sudden collapse using this stat.

I think by now you know what the replacement level guy does so here's what Santana is worth compared to him:

2006- 61 runs, 6.1 wins, 33.55 million dollars

2007- 55 runs, 5.5 wins, 30.25 million dollars

2008- 37 runs, 3.7 wins, 20.35 million dollars

This guy has been steadily declining since 2006. In fact, a quick glance at the stats shows that even 2006 was a drop-off from the previous year. In fact, every year has been inferior to his first full year in 2004. So why? He`s still pretty young.

Maybe it has something to do with the ridiculous amount of innings he`s thrown each year. Anyway, since 2004 his K/BB has been dropping fairly steadily, his LD% has risen, his K/9 has plummeted, and his BB/9 keeps climbing. For whatever reason he hit an early decline and its only going to get worse. He wasn't worth much more than the 17 million he earned last year and if he doesn't reverse this trend he`s going to end up weighing down the Mets payroll in coming years. Its only a matter of time before he gets hurt and misses a good chunk of a season as well.

No matter how Hughes, Jackson, and Kennedy do, unless Johan can bounceback, the Yanks were smart in their restraint. With the Sabathia signing, they got a better pitcher anyway and are in a better position for the future.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas From TCK

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Cashman with all of his homies

Thursday, December 18, 2008

20 Million Dollars to Spend...

Even after doling out huge contracts to Burnett and Sabathia, Cashman still has about 20 million dollars to spend. Their only real hole is in centerfield. However, both Damon and Swisher can handle centerfield, albeit poorly. Lets assume they`re not going to trade for a centerfielder like DeJesus which may ultimately be the best course of action.

We`ve already established Manny just doesn't fit on this team. He`d have a hard time squeezing onto the payroll and probably isn't worth the contract he`ll get anyway. That leaves two big hitters left on the market. Adam Dunn and Mark Texiera.

Mark Texiera is a fantastic hitter and a gold glove level fielder at first base. That combinations is pretty rare. He`s not quite on the level of the Albert Pujols and A-Rods of the world but he`s definitely on that next tier of players. He`s only 29 and has gotten big offers from the Angels, Orioles, Nationals, and Red Sox with the Yankees showing interest.

On the other hand, we have Adam Dunn. All three of us have been in favor of signing this guy for a long time. It still makes a ton of sense. This guy is also a great hitter, not on the same level as Texiera but he`s still a great hitter. The biggest problem with him is his glove. At first base he is on the same level as Giambi. That would allow Swisher to move into left-field though where he is very good. That makes them a wash but Damon in centerfield is a problem and will cost them a couple wins.

Texiera is pretty obviously the better player at face value. However, Texiera is rumored to already have an offer of 160 million dollars over 8 years (20 million per year) from the Nationals with the Red Sox, Angels, and Orioles not far behind. Normally, he`d be worth that type of contract, especially to the Yankees who are going to be on the brink of the playoffs next year. Their's also the added benefit of keeping him away from AL East teams (Boston and Baltimore) and rivals (The Angels and Boston). However, that keeps them from pursuing help in any other area. It means they will go into the year with a bench of Ransom-Gardner-Molina-Cabrera and they will be forced to again put Hughes in the Opening Day rotation.

Dunn makes much more sense to me. The only team that has really expressed interest in him are the Nationals, who are currently the highest bidders for Texiera and have Nick Johnson already at first. He's the backup plan of a few teams but not many. Dunn may have to settle for 3 years at 36 million dollars or maybe even less. He`s only 29 (same age as Texiera) and a 3 year deal would probably get him in the best years of his career at about 12 million dollars a year. For a guy with Dunn's bat, that's a bargain. It also lets them make a few other moves. First of all, they can hold their offer to Andy Pettitte. They also have enough cash to pursue some other interesting names like Rocco Baldelli, Ty Wigginton, Juan Rivera, and Joe Nelson for the bench/bullpen. Rocco Baldelli in particular interests me now that we know more about his condition.

Its a choice between Texiera as the first baseman, Hughes as the 5th starter, Kennedy/Aceves as injury fill-ins, and Brett Gardner/Melky Cabrera as your backup outfielders or Dunn as the first baseman, Pettitte as the 5th starter, Hughes as injury fill-ins and Rocco Baldelli/Brett Gardner as your backup outfielders. Signing Dunn allows them to make a deeper and better team.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pettitte's Last Chance

Cashman flew in from Vegas this morning to see Andy Pettitte and offer him the final spot in the rotation. If he declines the 10 million dollar offer then the Yanks are going to move on. I`m hoping he accepts and that Cash is willing to bend a little.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cash to meet with Sabathia


Very interesting, Cashman missed a media session to get to another meeting with C. C. Sabathia says Pete Abraham. He also says that Sabathia is essentially Plan B for the Angels and Giants which is kind of old news but its nice to hear it reinforced.

Seeing as their last meetin consisted mainly of them discussing what life in New York is like this may be the meeeting where we find out whether he`ll be a Yankee or not.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cash and Towers Talking

The Peavy rumors are starting to heat up again with the Braves out of it. The Yanks and Padres are discussing him. I don't see it happening unless they fail to get Sabathia. Even if they have lowered their demands it would decimate their farm.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Swisher Will Play First

It looks like we have found our everyday first baseman. Cashman said that Swisher is more of a corner outfielder or first baseman and that he will be an everyday player. He`d be more of an insurance policy for centerfield. He also implied that they will be going with a defense first type guy in centerfield which probably means Brett Gardner.

This means they can focus all of their considerable amounts of money on starting pitching. If Texiera or Dunn fall right into their lap they`d be fools to not sign them but I see what they`re thinking. They want to lower payroll but at the same time sign two starting pitchers.

Cashman did not totally rule out Swisher playing center and I still like the idea but I have to admit it would give them a very weak defense to sign Dunn and put Swisher in center. I think Swisher is an upgrade over Giambi any day. As well as being 15 million dollars cheaper.

Yanks Acquire Nick Swisher

As Charlie already said, the Yankees have traded for Nick Swisher. Like both Nate and Charlie I love this trade. Its strange how we heard nothing about this trade before it happened other than speculation on RAB (good job by them).

Swisher is a criminally underrated player. He's not the best hitter for average but he walks enough that his OBP stays high. He`s coming off a career low but that seems to be largely because of luck. His BABIP was a mere .251 last year. His EQA, even at its worst last year, was .267. With a bounceback in BABIP, which can be expected, he could get it back over .300 easily. The other aspect of this trade I love is Swisher's versatility. He play all three outfield positions as well as first base. Its not set in stone but I think he may be the answer for centerfield we`ve been looking for. He`s not a great defender in center but he`ll get the job done. He`s under control for a few more years and he`s not expensive at all.

They also got Kaneoaka Texiera. Also he`s still in the low levels of the minors, his stats look good and he could be yet another solid bullpen arm who may find his way to the majors. I don't know much about him but his stats are better than Nunez's, the other reliever in the trade. He`s not a big deal but I like him as a throw-in.

They gave up Jeff Marquez, Wilson Betemit, and Jhonny Nunez.

Marquez is a sinker-slider guy who was one of the Yankees top pitching prospects a year ago. However, his ceiling has never been very high and he had a bad, injury filled year in 2008. I don't mind giving him up at all.

Wilson Betemit we all know about. When he was traded for Proctor I liked it but he never amounted to anything with the Yankees (although neither did Procotor with the Dodgers). He doesn't hit much and his defense is middle of the road. Its easy to find guys like Betemit.

Jhonny Nunez was aquired at mid-season for Alberto Gonzalez. It was a low-level trade most people didn't even know about. He put up some okay numbers but he`s really nothing special. He`s probably about on par with Texiera. His numbers look a little worse than Texiera's though.

I love this trade, Cashman got a steal here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

In Retrospect.....

Isn't it weird how everything in baseball is connected? The Yankees traded Juan Rivera and Nick Johnson to the Expos/Nationals for Javier Vazquez. Then they proceded to send Javier Vazquez and Dioner Navarro to Arizona for Randy Johnson. Who was then traded back to Arizona for Ross Ohlendorf, Kevin Whelan, Anthony Claggett, and Steven Jackson. Then Ross Ohlendorf and Jose Tabata were traded to Pittsburgh for Xavier Nady. What happens next?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

But the 8th inning!!!!!111!!!

Just heard on WFAN from Cashman that Joba will start for all of 2009.

I`m really happy about this. When I first heard about the Yankees plan to repeat what they did in 2008 with Joba I was dissapointed. Now we have two slots in the rotation filled.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cashman Update

It turns out he`s back for three years for about a total of 6 million dollars. Is it just me or are GM's relatively underpaid? They determine the direction of the franchise and yet they get basically the same amount of money as the average bench player.

Three years is a good amount. It gives him enough time to see his plan play out and whether or not Hughes, Joba, and others can be top prospects.

Cashman Back

I just heard on WFAN that Cashman has decided to come back.

I`m happy with this, especially since only the Yankees know for sure which moves were actually his. He`s done a good job rebuilding the farm. However, he has a challenge in front of him.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Shift

For years the problem with the Yankees has been their pitching. They`ve always had a strong offense with a core of guys like A-Rod and Jeter. However, this is starting to change. For the first time this year the Yankees offense began to struggle. Much of this can be blamed on injuries but we may see more of this.

The Yankees top hitters are getting older and hitting their declines. How many years do Posada, Giambi, Jeter, Abreu, Damon, and Matsui really have left of being top hitters? Even A-Rod will probably begin to show signs of decline in the next few years. Only Nady and Cano are still relatively young and Nady isn't really a star player. The Yankees only really great positional prospects are Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero. The Yankees need to get guys that can anchor their offense for years to come.

They need to trade for a guy like Nate McLouth for centerfield rather than leave Damon there or trusting Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera. Mark Texiera could be one of these guys. However, the longest I would give him is six years (until age 34) and he`ll likely want more. Their needs to be some concern about the offense and I wouldn't be against trading some of our pitching prospects for a centerfielder o first baseman.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cashman wanted

Kat O`Brien is reporting that Hal Steinbrenner (and the rest of the organization) want Cashman back. The only question is whether or not he wants to come back. I`m a fan of Cash and only those inside the organization know for sure what moves were from Cashman and which were from Tampa.