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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yankees Win

With the Yankees floundering and Cashman in the stands, it was clear they needed a win yesterday. Well, they pulled together and actually managed to pull it off, thank god.

For the first few innings it looked like we were going to be watching a pitcher's duel in which two or three runs might actually be enough. Not exactly though. The Braves pitcher, Kenshin Kawakami, was hit by a line drive by Joba and immeidately left the game. The Braves next pitcher, Kris Medlen, wasn't really any easier to hit though. In the fifth the tie was broken by a Jeff Franceour solo homer. It wasn't until the sixth that the Yankees finally broke up the perfect game with a seemingly unremarkable walk by Brett Gardner.

One problem I've had with Gardner on the basepaths this year is that he has a tendency to take to big of a lead. Pitchers know that he's going and he gets picked off more than he should. This was the case in last night's game. In what became the game defining play, Medlen fired a throw over to first, Gardner dove back, and the ump called him out. Replays showed he was safe and Girardi certainly thought he was safe but that's not how the ump saw it. Girardi went out their and got ejected, in the process firing up his team. I don't know if that really matters or not but the Yankees definitely seemed more animated today. The next batter, Fransisco Cervelli, hit the first home run of his career to tie it up and the rally would only continue. After singles by Jeter and Damon and a walk of Teixeira A-Rod had the chance to prove a point. As he often does in situations like that, he came through with the big hit and gave Joba a lead to work with. The Yankees would go on to tack on more runs with a Nick Swisher, who was almost benched for the game, home run and more by capitalizing on some mistakes by Atlanta in the later innings.

After the A-Rod hit though, the pitching took over. Joba was very strong through his first six innings. The only run he gave up was on a solo home run to Jeff Franceour and had five strikeouts. What was especially ecnouraging was the fact that he walked none. That's been his biggest problem this year. He was still shaking off Fransisco Cervelli but when he pitches like that, who cares? He did seem to tire though in the seventh. He gave up one earned run in that inning and another unearned run before giving way to Phil Coke who got out of the jam. Bruney almost gave it up in the 8th but Mariano came in and restored order.

Another big game today If they can get a win with Pettitte against Derrek Lowe then they may be ready to go on another one of those winning streak things. They won with the liveblog so for now I guess it stays. Hopefully this time comments will actually work.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shelley's Slide Latest Episode In Fierce Yanks-Rays Rivalry

The Yankees lost to the (Devil) Rays today 7-6, but the bigger story was the Yankees' retaliation for Elliot Johnson's collision at home plate with Francisco Cervelli. Shelley Duncan hit what should have been a single, but it trickled around a bit in foul territory and Shelley rounded first hard, but he was still out by about five feet, and slid spikes up into Akinori Iwamura, driving his foot into Aki's thigh. He was immediately ejected, and Jonny Gomes ran in from right field and kind of half-tackled, half-fell on Shelley. Shelley is okay, but Jonny is kind of pissed, and probably has about eight broken ribs. To sum it all up, I love Shelley Duncan. I hope he makes the team, just so we can all hear his quotes and watch him strike fear into opponents.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cervelli Out With Broken Wrist

Catching prospect Francisco Cervelli broke his wrist today in a collision at the plate, and is out indefinitely. Hopefully he will be able to make a complete recovery and return to his previous level of play. Now, it there is a Posada or Molina injury, PJ Piliterre will get the call.