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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Left Field Situation

This offseason has been relativity quiet compared to last season, which has really been no problem for Yankee fans, since our team is coming off a pretty good year (World Series cough cough). We have had a few losses, Matsui and Johnny D. We could have just taken the losses and the Yanks were still pretty damn good. Matsui was pretty easy to replace though we love him, a slow non-fielding DH is not exactly flexible. Nick Johnson is solid and I really like him coming back.

Johnny provided us with an outstanding postseason; some of his "clutch" ABs are really stuck in my head. Now his position is not so easily replaced from the free agent pool. The candidates you ask? At the top of the list (in no discernible order) Rick Ankiel, Garret Anderson, Rocco "The Pride of Rhode Island" Baldelli, Jonny Gomes, Jermaine Dye and the X Man (Xavier Nady). For me, Nady leads that class coming off a season ending injury and that is not exactly promising. Non of them have anything close the stick Damon has ('cept a healthy X but it is a gamble). It is also kind of difficult since the Yankees say they are only willing to spend 2 million annually on a left field upgrade.

For any other team the budget would throw a huge wrench into the plans cutting the suitors down to a mere few. This is the New York Yankees however and we all know that a budget is no obstacle. Damon is old but we would all like to bring him back for just a little longer. Johnny is down to 13 mill right now. If he can swallow his pride and bring down his demands, I think the Yankees will bring the old guy back.

If the Yankees stick with the approach that they are claiming. They could sign one the little guys (Xavier Nady, Marcus Thames, Rocco Baldelli or Jerry Hairston Jr.) and platoon him with Gardner. Which when you think about it really isn't bad at all. As you should have noticed the Yankees are getting younger.

It's all in Damons hands right now and if he leaves he leaves on a damn good note.

If Damon takes off it might be time for a Training Day in New York:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

News and Notes

  • The Yankees and Padres are bidding for the Mexican pitcher, Walter Silva.  
  • Melky will not take part in the World Baseball Classic.
  • Hank the Tank fires back full force at John Henry's salary cap whining. Hank had this to say:
    “Along with a few other teams, we’re basically baseball’s stimulus package,” he said. “As long as we’ all this money to other teams in revenue sharing, a staggering amount, we should be able to spend on salaries what we want to. Because of revenue sharing and because of the popularity nationwide, the Yankees are critical to baseball.”
  • A-Rod talks a little bit about something besides steroids.
  • Pete Abraham has some great spring training coverage from toady. Tino and Bernie were in camp!
  • The Head Stein made a rare appearance at camp today, meeting with some of the players and coaches. 
  • Meet A-Rod's cousin's trainer.
  • The MLB wants to have a few words with A-Rod.
  • Monday, January 26, 2009

    Yanks, Pettitte Agree to Deal

    Update (4:40): According to MLBTR the Yankees have signed Pettitte on a one year deal with a guaranteed 5.5 mil that could reach 12 mil with incentives 
    By Charlie

    Yankees Close to Deal with Pettite 
    Remember when the Yankees offered Andy Pettitte $10 million and he rejected it? Well, the Yankees came with a counter offer, and now the two sides are very close to finalizing the deal. However, it is for less guaranteed money than the Yanks originally offered Pettitte. It is reportedly for under $6 million guaranteed, with incentives that could bring the price up to $12 million. I love this move for the Yankees. Pettitte is a reliable innings eater, and allows Phil Hughes, Al Aceves, and Ian Kennedy to start the season in Scranton, which improves our depth.

    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Yankees Sign Burnett

    That's a shame. The Yankees signed AJ Burnett to a five-year, $82.5 million contract, which is $16.5 per year. I don't like this signing, but tell us what you think. More on this later.

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    CC's Deal Has an Opt-out Clause

    The contract that CC Sabathia is going to sign with the Yankees is for seven years, as you all know. However, CC has the option of opting out of his contract after three years. This obviously favors CC, but first of all, I think it is unlikely that he opts out, because I don't see him getting $23 million over the next four years. Secondly, in the last four years of this deal, CC will likely be beginning to decline, though he will still obviously be a very good pitcher, so losing four years of him may not sound as bad as it seems.

    C.C. Will Sign With Yankees

    Alright here is my second post from my iPhone.

    According to numerous sources CC will sign with the Yankees. The deal is said to be 7 years and 160 million. I will post more info as it comes.

    Wednesday, December 3, 2008

    The Case for Big Donkey

    Here is my case for the man, the myth, the legend, Adam "The Big Donkey" Dunn.
    Just because of his low average everyone puts him down. It's called plate discipline and OBP. He is strives in statics that dumb people don't know or understand the importance of. He gets on base and walks a ton. Dunn's OBP is higher than some .300 average hitters, which just shows how flawed the average stat is. He is among the major league leaders every season in number of pitches per at-bat, an indication that he generally knows when to swing and when not to. He makes the pitchers work. Dunn has the fifth-lowest career at bats per home run average in Major-League history. His 13.96 ratio (about one home run every 14 times he comes to bat). He has the balance of getting on base and hitting the long ball. With the shorten right field Dunn will go to town. He is not an injury risk, every year he has played in over 150 game every season in his career (expect one).

    Nate add onto this with your eternal knowledge.

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    Dodgers Withdraw Deal to Man-Ram

    The Dodgers withdrew their two year 45 Mil offer to Manny today. Manny, of course, does not know what is going on and is spending his off-season doing who knows what. Now Manny is out on the open market but the Dodgers are not out of the sweepstakes yet. The Dodger GM, Ned Colletti had this to say:
    "We still have an interest in him," said Colletti."It's like any other free-agent negotiation now. Now they'll have a chance to hear what other clubs are willing to pay and for how long."
    Manny in pinstripes? I can't see it happening but the Yankees have shown some interest in the Man-Ram. I would have no problem with Manny becoming a Bronx Bomber but I think he will be resigned by the Dodgers because the fans will riot in the streets if he is not.

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Yankees To Offer Deals to Big Name Pitchers

    The Yankees are offering deals to CC, Burnett and Lowe. The 3 offers together will total around 250 million together. The offer to CC will exceed Johan's deal of 137 million. I think that it is very aggressive to go after all three of them. I personally do not like Burnett and think he will just end up getting injured. If all three are signed (not likely) imagine the rotation...

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    First Base

    Going in to next year, the Yankees have two main holes at first base and centerfield. Today, I will look at the options for first base.
    • Internal Options: These are not very good. The possibilities are pretty much Shelley Duncan and Juan Miranda. Neither of these two guys are good enough to play everyday, so if first base came down to players from within the system it would probably be a platoon. However, if it were to come down to that, it would be better to just...
    • Re-sign Giambi: Jason has a $22 million option for next year, with a $5 million option, so it is basically a $17 million question. Giambi has been great for the Yankees over his contract, even despite the lost seasons of 2005 and 2007. However, he will be 38 next year, and it is time to move on. On the other hand, if the Yankees are unable to sign a replacement, one more year of Giambi would be okay.
    • Mark Teixeira: Clearly the best all-around option for first base, but there are questions about the contract he wants. He is a Scott Boras client, and there have been reports that he wants an A-Rod type contract. I would be opposed to a contract of that length and magnitude, instead would advocate the signing of...
    • Adam Dunn: While he is nowhere near the fielder of Teixeira, he is very close to him offensively. What is more attractive is that will probably require a much shorter and less-expensive contract than Teixeira. Also, he can play the outfield occasionally, and with Matsui leaving after 2009, he could be moved to DH after just one season at first, allowing Jorge Posada to move to move to first, which will probably be necessary in the near future.
    • Trade: Really the only first basemen I have seen as a legitimate trade candidate is Prince Fielder. While it would be great to acquire Prince, I don't think the Yankees would be willing to part with the prospects necessary to get that deal done.
    • Xavier Nady: Nady has experience at first base, and the Yankees could instead opt to put the X man at first and instead sign a right fielder. Candidates for that job would probably be Dunn, Burrell, Abreu, Raul Ibanez, and Juan Rivera.
    My choice from the above would be Adam Dunn, but I'm sure many of you disagree. Tell me what you think in the comments.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Adam Dunn a Yankee???

    I can only hope...

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    The Triumphant Return of Felix Heredia

    I was looking through ESPN's transaction page (look at yesterday's) and I saw something that horrified me: Yankees claimed pitcher Felix Heredia off waivers from the Cincinatti Reds. At first, I thought this was some kind of cruel joke by ESPN, and I'm still not sure if it's true. You all remember Felix. He appeared in 59 games for the Yankees over a season and a half. In the 12 games he appeared in with the team in 2003, he actually was very successful. Pitching to a 1.20 ERA and also a 1.20 WHIP in 15 innings. The next year, however, when he wasn't hurt he sucked. He appeared in 47 games, throwing 38 2/3 innings with a 6.28 ERA and 1.66 WHIP. Heredia most likely will not crack the big league roster this year, as he hasn't appeared in a major league game since 2005, but still, I don't understand why anybody would claim this guy.

    UPDATE: I think there may be a problem with the transaction page, because I just looked a little further down the page and it says that the Blue Jays activated Cory Lidle from the 15-day DL. Maybe this is just some kind of sick joke.

    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    K-Mench Signs with Rangers

    Kevin Mench officially signed with the Rangers today to a minor league deal. It looks like my "Big Headed" hero won't be in pinstripes any time soon. Mench has agreed to start the season at Triple-A Oklahoma if he does not make the major league roster. He would be able to request his relase if not in the majors by June 1.

    (In other new Dice-K came into spring training today with a mullet)

    Monday, February 4, 2008

    Yanks News and Notes

    A few short points with ten days till pitchers and catchers report:
    That is all.

    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    Yankees Sign Ensberg

    UPDATE: It’s a minor league deal

    The Yankees signed third basemen Morgan Ensberg, who had been non-tendered by the Padres. I had posted about this earlier here, but got the idea from NoMaas. Ensberg was horrific last year, but has had three decent years. His line last year was .231/.320/.404. I know that sucks, but there is a lot of power there. A .404 slugging % isn't very good, but considering how few hits he got, it is actually pretty good. There is a stat called isolated power, which is just SLG-AVG, so his would be .173, which is a lot of power. He also had an .830 OPS last year against lefties, so he could be valuable in that sense. He will play first base, but may or may not make the team out of Spring Training. MLBTR is not sure if it is a major or minor league deal. He joins Jason Lane as another former Astro to join the Yankees.

    Sorry about how poorly written that was, I don't have a lot of time.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Pirates Attempt to Get Even Worse

    Are you a 32 year-old major league pitcher? Have you never thrown over 200 innings in a season? Is your career ERA 5.09 (90 ERA+)? Well, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a job for you. Jaret Wright, I know you all remember him, has signed a minor-league deal with the Pirates and will make $800k if he makes the major league roster.

    In other news: The (Devil) Rays locked up James Shields with a very creative contract. Take note Yankees. Also, the Mets are now the frontrunners for Johan Santana, pretty much because they're still interested.

    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    Three Short Points

    Three Short Points:
    • David Aardsma of the Chicago White Sox has been DFA'd. I know, it's a stretch, but you never know with relievers. Good K rates, bad everything else, but he is young and he throws hard, so maybe he could be worth a non-roster invite.
    • Don Mattingly is out as Dodger's hitting coach. He says it was for family reasons, but will remain with the team as a special assistant.
    • Hideki Matsui's rehab on his right knee is not going as smoothly as expected. He is coming back to the states to get it checked out.

    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Notable Non-Yankee Arbitration Results

    A few big-name players got contract extensions today:
    That is all.

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    Chris Shelton DFA'd

    Chris Shelton was designated for assignment today by the Texas Rangers. Why is this significant? Because I think he makes a decent target to be the Yankees' right-handed first basemen. Shelton spent all of last year in the minors, but has a career big-league OPS of .825 (115 OPS+). That's pretty solid, and I don't see why he is a worse option than Shelley Duncan or Jason Lane. Remember when Shelton hit nine homers in the first twelve games? If I'm Brian Cashman, I sign Shelton to a minor league deal (like Lane), and let him compete for the job in spring training and if he sucks, cut him.

    Friday, January 11, 2008

    Brewers Save us From Ourselves

    The Brewers signed centerfielder Mike Cameron to a one-year deal. That means he can't sign with the Yankees! I realize that Melky is not a long-term solution in center, but I'd rather have him than Cameron, and just wait until Austin Jackson is ready.