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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gene Monahan

Baseball is like, I suppose, life in that it's usually the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. You know the type. The guy you work with who craves attention, makes the "funny" comment at a meeting and gets the pat on the back for just doing his job. Gene Monahan is not that employee. In fact I would go as far as to say he is just the opposite, the guy who goes about his business treating other players while being the perfect employee and never saying or bringing attention to himself.
Well now he has gone and done it! It was announced Sunday by the Yankees that Monahan will miss "spring training" and maybe parts of the regular season. First time in 47 years with the Yankees he will miss time! This guy is one of those behind the scene employees that work overtime as part of their day and night duties. At the field hours before the players and staying hours after the game is over, Monahan is as much a part of the Yanks as Jeter or Sabathia. Jeter and C.C. have aches and pains like every other player. Who do you think gets them ready to play the day game after the extra inning night game that ended 12 hours ago.? Gene Monahan and Steve Donahue, the assistant trainer.
I will say a prayer for "Geno" and hope you will do this too. Can you even imagine, in 47 years with the Yankees, the things he has scene, the players he has treated and the stories he could tell. He is a walking talking Yankee encyclopedia. I wonder how many book details he has turned down as a loyal Yankee? He knows where the bones are buried and knows which skeletons are in the closet. But, what a book he could write. And what an employee he is and has been. Good luck to Gene on fighting the illness. We are all pulling for him.