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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Injury Updates: Berkman to DL

Lance was put on the DL today to make room for infielder Eduardo Nunez, the team was tired of having Cervelli being the 5th infielder. According to Cashman neither A-Rod's nor Berkman's injuries are serious:

“There’s only so long you’re comfortable going with no backup infielder, it’s nothing serious on either one of them.”

Berkman wanted to run today but the staff told him to take it slow. Here is a rundown courtesy of Lo-Hud:

• Alfredo Aceves is here, but he’s still going to have at least one more rehab start, probably more. Cashman said Aceves is being evaluated “on an outing-by-outing basis” and there’s not set date for his return.

• There’s a chance Aceves will be stretched out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be considered as a rotation option. “Arm strength-wise, it would probably help to stretch him out,” Cashman said.

• Berkman’s DL stint should be retroactive to August 16. Berkman said he expects to be ready to play as soon as his 15 days are up. “Unless I fall down the stairs or something,” he said.

• Joe Girardi said he’s not sure if or when the Yankees might need to skip a Phil Hughes start to keep his innings from getting out of control, “because I can’t tell you what (number of innings) every start is going to be,” Girardi said.

• Off days on the schedule will be a chance to rest all five starters, not necessarily a chance to skip Hughes. “It will probably be an extra day for everyone,” Girardi said.
 More on the offense explosion in a little bit.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Injuries Galore

  • A-Rod left the game with tightness in his right calf, no tests have been scheduled and he has been listed as day to day. My guess is that A-Rod will sit out tomorrow and Girardi will give Ramiro the start at 3B. 
  • Swish also left with tightness but in his right forearm, no test have been scheduled for him either and he also has been listed as day to day. I really hope Swish plays tomorrow since I will be attending the game, I will be sitting in section 203 and I would love to him salute us. 
  • Nick Johnson's (remember him?) wrist is hurting again, his return to playing baseball this year looks grim.
  • The Yankees have "sharply limited" Javy Vazquez between start work due to his Little Leauge World Series fastball.

Monday, March 29, 2010

News, Notes and Links

  • Alan Horne has torn his rotator cuff and will be out for the 2010 season. This guy has been through a lot.
  • Aceves' back is still soar and he is day-to-day. This reoccurring problem may keep Alfredo off of the roster for opening day.
  • River Ave Blues has a great breakdown of the Red Sox in preview for the 2010 season.
  • The Yankees really have no idea what to do about Joba, NoMaas makes this very clear.
  • NYY Stadium Insider has been chronicling the demolition of the original Yankee Stadium, Gate 2 has been taken down.
  • Teixeria (right) was hit by a pitch in the game tonight vs the Orioles. He was examined but no x-Rays were taken.
  • Pat Venditte, the Yankees ambidextrous pitcher, will be making a minor league start tomorrow.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Xavier Nady to Undergo Tommy John Surgery

Xavier Nady's season is over and next year is in question, too, the New York Post has learned.

According to several teammates, the Yankees outfielder told them late Thursday night that his right elbow requires Tommy John surgery, a procedure that often takes 12-14 months recovery.

Reached today, all Nady said was, "I am going to have a lot of time on my hands."

Nady, a free agent at the end of the season, felt something in the elbow in the third inning of a Triple-A rehab game Thursday night and removed himself two innings later. He plans on being at Citi Field today and is scheduled to see Dr. Lewis Yocum in California. Yocum performed the same surgery on Nady in 2001.

According to the Nady, "There was no reason to do tests" today.

"It's disappointing," said Joe Girardi, who didn't confirm that Nady needs surgery to repair a ligament that first bothered him April 14 and forced him from a game against the Rays. "I am more disappointed for him than I am the club. You would love to have him back. He has put a lot of time into this. I know how bad he wants to play."

The fact that Nady, 30, is headed to Yocum told Girardi the problem is serious.

"My gut tells me it is injured again," Girardi said. "Him going to see Yocum tells me it's more than what he felt in Tampa."

Though Girardi had Nady only for seven games (in which he hit .286 with two RBIs) and there was no guarantee of having him back at some point, quietly the Yankees were hoping to have Nady's right-handed bat to help out in right field, where switch-hitter Nick Swisher is playing every day.

Now that won't happen. And though GM Brian Cashman said this week "a bat isn't needed," knowing that Nady isn't returning might change the Yankees' mind.

Nady was acquired from the Pirates with lefty reliever Damaso Marte last July and batted .268 in 59 games. Marte is currently on the disabled list with an injured shoulder and nobody can predict when he will be back.

I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I feel terrible that Nady has suffered such a severe setback - he has an excellent reputation within the clubhouse and, after steadily improving year-to-year, had a large leap in production in 2008, appearing to put it all together. It's a shame that he will likely be unable to play again until this time next season (at the earliest).

On the other hand, many fans were eager to see Yankees deal Nady, as he had more value than any other outfielder. While the return wouldn't have been much, the Yankees may've been able to acquire a better bullpen option than Veras or a better infield option than Berroa. This is, of course, hindsight - but it is something to consider.

In the end, the Yankees probably did the right thing in holding onto Nady, Swisher, and Cabrera. The team is somewhat old and fragile, and depth is a very good thing to have. While Nady is very unlikely to have much of an impact this season, barring some sort of miracle, it seems both inane and inappropriate to lambast the organization for holding onto him.

Get well soon, X.

Nady Suffers a Setback

Bad news for Nady. In the sixth inning of Scranton's game he felt pain in his arm. This could mean he'll have to undergo the season ending surgery he was hoping to avoid. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in back in the Bronx and hopefully this is just a minor setback.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sergio Mitre's Return

One of the quiet signings that Cashman and co. made last winter was Sergio Mitre. Back when they first signed him I made a post saying he had some potential to be a solid fill in for them. Well, now with Pettitte and Wang both struggling and Ian Kennedy hurt their may be a need for him. He was suspended for violating the PED policy for the first chunk of the year but now he's pitching for Scranton. His first start was excellent and if the rotation continues to have problems, look for him to get a call-up.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Posada's Return

I don't know why, but this took me completely by surprise. Posada will be activated off of the DL today and I would logically assume that he will be behind the plate today. Kevin Cash has been DFA'ed which I think is a smart move. He really has little to no value to the Yankees and Fransisco Cervelli has clearly outplayed him thus far.

Their are some conflicting reports about whether or not Melky is available tonight so I guess we'll have to wait until game time to find out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Positive Injury-Related News

We'll do this in bullet form, courtesy of Pete Abe:
  • Melky Cabrera had an MRI today and he likely will not need to go on the DL, as he should only be out 5-7 days after running into the wall and injuring his shoulder yesterday
  • Brian Bruney visited Dr. James Andrews, who examined his elbow and found no structural damage. He has a flexor muscle strain, and apparently it was not fully healed when he came back. He'll likely be out 2-3 weeks, but it could be a lot worse, as many of us thought he may need TJ
  • Jorge Posada is playing in extended spring training games and should be activated in Cleveland on Friday. That should be a boost for the offense
Nothing new on Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte, or Jose Molina, but hopefully all those guys will be back soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cash Rules

Wang: “Performance-wise he was terrific. This was a much better hitting club. Columbus is a much better offensive club than the team he was facing last time, but his stuff was better last time to be honest. Although he performed great in both outings, he didn’t have the slider that he had last time. His changeup was better today than last time. His fastball velocity was a little bit lower this time than it was last time.
“At the same time, he handled the lineup and got a lot of groundballs. Facing guys like (Travis) Hafner kind of tells you a little something you want to know. I know Hafner is on a rehab assignment and he’s a guy who can really do some damage if you’re making mistakes, not making some pitches, and he made his pitches. That tells you a lot.
“What you’d love to see are all pitches working at optimal levels, but that’s not always realistic. Obviously the most important thing is performance and he has performed in his two starts here, there’s no doubt about that.”
“Ultimately, with him, as long as he’s getting sink, he can pitch and be successful, there’s no doubt about that. And he feels good about himself. I had a chance to talk to him in the trainer’s room, so these are two trips well worthwhile for me. Our team is winning in New York and we are getting closer to being healthy and adding guys like a Bruney and a Wang and that’s a great thing for us.”

Bruney: “He looked healthy, which is the biggest thing for him. Unlike Wang, he’s coming off of an elbow injury, so you want to see health, and I saw health.”

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kennedy has an Aneurysm

Kennedy's injury is not a vasopasm but an aneurysm. Pete Abe broke the news yesterday. Obviously, this is really terrible news and is awful news for Kennedy. Hopefully, he can come back and make the majors when he's healthy again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, after a two hour rain delay, the Yankees finally played a barely watched game, lost a close one to the Sox again, AND now Posada's hurt. Awful.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Injury Updates

Let's just pretend yesterday never happened, okay?

Let's not all rush to crucify Girardi, Bruney was unavailable. His headed back to New York for an MRI. Unfortunately, he needs to have his elbow checked out which is never a good sign.

Ransom had a rare good game and of course, now he's hurt. He has a tear or something in his quad which sounds pretty bad. I doubt he'll be back before A-Rod and if his replacement plays well then he might not see a ML roster for a long time. More on this later.

Wang has been sent to the 15 day DL. They're calling it weakness in the hips which just means rehab. I'm not buying that though. It seems kind of obvious he's just not ready to face ML hitters and needs some time to get back into shape. Hopefully, that all their is. Phil Hughes would have been the clear choice for a callup anyway but he's pitching to the tune of a 1.86 ERA down there so far. Aren't you glad we signed Andy Pettitte now?

Update 12:06- According to Pete Abe the word from Scranton is that Mark Melancon is on his way to Fenway. This is not good news for Bruney.

Update 12:14- Berrora has been called up for Ransom and Robertson has been called up to take CMW's spot.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

X-Man Rises

Nady has decided to try to rehab without surgery on his arm which means things are looking up. Girardi said he could be up and swinging in 3 weeks. That will give Swisher ample time to get comfortable in Right-Field. However Nady is a great player and we want him back A.S.A.P.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Losing Nady

I just realized that I've neglected to make a post on losing Nady. Its still unclear whether he'll be out for the season but its clearly pretty bad. At this point, trading Tabata looks pretty bad. On the bright side, he won't be stealing playing time from Nick Swisher anymore. However, Girardi was using him well to rest Teixeira, Matsui, Damon, and Nady/Swisher. Now, they're very vulnerable to injury. Hopefully, he won't need Tommy John.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Win but X-Man is Down

  • Most Imporantly from Pete Abe: Xavier Nady had a “sharp pain” in his right elbow in the seventh inning and was taken out of the game. He previously had elbow surgery. MRI tomorrow.
  • Burnett pitched a gem going for 8 and only twirling a no hitter through seven.
  • Swisher was well Swisher. He went 2-4 with a double and Home Run.
  • Jeter hit a sick HR in the 9th to seal the deal.
  • Bruney slammed the door shut with 3 quick outs.
  • RAB has a good minor league update.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jorge Says "It's Good to be Back"

Jorge is spending his spring training trying to get his arm ready for opening day. Yankee fans are wondering weather Jorge will come back strong after his shoulder surgery. Gunning down 3 of 4 base-runners sunday, Posada's throws were strong. He came out of the game saying: "Now you know you can trust your arm again,".

The Yanks want Jorge behind the plate for around 100 games this season. As opposed to last year when runners ran wild Posada says he has returned: "You can't compare what I was feeling last year, I couldn't do that. I couldn't make three throws like that. It's good to be back."

While this all sounds good that doesn't mean that Girardi is letting his guard down: "I'm going to look at his arm strength, and I'm going to watch him throw in between innings to see," Girardi said. "If I'm [an opposing] manager, I'm not going to send some of my slower players just to see. But in a sense, he's probably going to be tested." image

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Never Trust Brian Cashman

Cash has a bit of a reputation for dishonesty and I`m not buying it when he says the Yankees aren't looking to replace A-Rod. Hours after Cash made those comments we're hearing about possible interest in Mark Lorretta

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A-Rod to get surgery

Seconds after I made my last post I saw this at RAB. What's interesting is that it says he'd only be out for 6-9 weeks. Which probably means something closer to 10. Take it with a grain of salt but if its true then that's very good.

EDIT: Pete Abe actually broke this story so I guess its legit.

Surgery or Rest?

The question dominating Yankeeland right now is whether Alex Rodriguez should opt for surgery or just try rest and recovery. This reminds me of a similar question last year with regards to Jorge Posada. I`m leaning towards the surgery option. Missing A-Rod for four months is going to hurt, no doubt about it. However, theirs a few reasons why I'd go for that
  1. When he comes back in July he'll be at full strength. The rest/rehab option won't solve the problem, it'll just lessen it. He'll still have it as a nagging injury and won't hit the way we need him to.
  2. He's a long term investment. A-Rod has to be good for a very long time to justify his crazy contract. He spent some time on the DL last year as well and they can't take many risks with him. They should just take of the problem right away and put it behind them.
  3. They have other options. They were already considering trading Nady or Swisher. Now, they actually have a need at third base to be filled.
  4. Rest/rehab might fail. Like with Posada, do you really want to see him play through the pain for a while, only to have him get the surgery anyway?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A-Rod Really Injured

Now it looks like A-Rod will not only miss the WBC, he will also miss April and possibly more. Obviously, having Cody Ransom or Angel Berroa replacing Alex Rodriguez is not a viable option. Berroa has been very consistently awful in recent years and I have very little faith in Ransom. An long-shot for the job could be Eric Duncan and right now I bet the Yanks wish they invited him to Spring Training. Still, I`d be shocked if he won the job.

The only free agent out there is Mark Grudzielanek. He's decent and I couldn't complain if they signed him but I`d aim a little higher. Personally, I`d still like to see them trade for Martin Prado. A while back I suggested trading Nady for a package involving him and it still makes sense. The Braves still would like another outfield bat and Nady, coming off a career year, can supply it. Prado is young, a solid hitter, and a good defender. When Alex comes back, Prado can play a few different positions and can act as the super-utility man.

Or we could get really crazy and stick Teixeira at third and Swisher at first but I doubt that happens.