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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Legend of John Sterling

We all know John Sterling, the Yankees radio announcer. His given name is Harold Moskowitz and he hasn't missed a game. Since he started in 1989 Sterling has established himself as an interesting character. From his strange eating habits to rather large head, Sterling, is well known for his unique player nicknames. The Chuck Knoblog has compiled them all in one place:
  • Mark Teixeira: "A Tex Message!" and "You're on the Mark, Teixeira!"
  • Robinson CanĂ³: "(Robbie) Cano! Don't you know?", "Cano can do!", and "A Ribbie for Robbie!"
  • Johnny Damon: "Positively Damonic!" and "Johnny on the Spot!" and "It's A Johnny's Rocket!"
  • Derek Jeter: "El Capitan!", "a Jeterian swing...", "a Jeter jolt", and "Oh captain my captain"
  • Alex Rodriguez: "An A-Bomb from A-Rod!" and "Alexander the Great conquers again!"
  • Xavier Nady: "X marks the spot!"
  • Jorge Posada: "Jorgie juiced one!" and "Jorgie jacks one!"
  • Nick Swisher: "Jolly 'Ol St. Nick!"
  • Hideki Matsui: "A thrilla from Godzilla, "An Upper-Decki by Hideki!
  • Melky Cabrera: "The Melkman delivers!", "It's the Melky Way!"
Sterling and the dreaded Waldman have extended their announcing contracts until 2011.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back Back A Way Back

Today I was dragged into going to a Rec basketball, game but it was not all bad...I guess. As I sat down in the gym I saw a big headed guy with a scarf walk in. I turned to my friend next to me and said "That has got to be John Sterling..." and it was. It turns out his daughter Abigail was playing in the fourth grade travel game next.

Suzyn Waldman was not spotted.