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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Payroll

MLB Trade Rumors put out the Yankees edition of their "Offseason Outlook" series of posts. Basically, the Yankees should have about 145 million dollars tied up going into the offseason counting arbitration raises, for whatever reason they assumed Marte's option would be picked up. They`re aiming to lower payroll to about 180-185 million dollars. They need to sign/re-sign at least two, ideally three, starting pitchers, they need a first base man, and they need a centerfielder. If possible I`d also like to shore up that bench.

In my previous plan I suggested making these signings, trades, and re-signings without really thinking about payroll:

Re-sign Mike Mussina (7 million)
Re-sign Andy Pettitte (7 million)
Sign Adam Dunn (16 million)
Sign Casey Blake (9 million)
Sign either C.C. Sabathia, or Derek Lowe (22 million or 15 million)
Trade Kennedy, Aceves, Wright, and Melky for David DeJesus (2 million)

These estimated salaries would add up to 56-63 million dollars in added payroll. This brings things all the way up to about 201-208 million million dollars for a 2008 payroll. Although I`m not sure that the 180-185 million dollar cap will be that strictly enforced, I doubt they`ll be all the way up to 210 million dollars.

So how do we cut down on payroll? Firstly, I don't think both Mussina will be back. That brings things down to 194-201 million dollars which is a slight improvement. If Mussina does come back then it probably makes it easier to negotiate with Pettitte if he is willing to come back as well. Trading Damaso Marte could also bring payroll down 7 million dollars. He might bring back some solid prospects. That brings things down to 187-194 million dollars. If they didn't sign Casey Blake it would also bring things down to 178-185 million dollars, right in the range. I don't see them hitting that 180-185 million dollar range.

If I`m the Yankees I just try and bring the payroll down to that 187-193 million dollar range. They should be able to continue bringing down payroll as more bad contracts come off and cheap prospects move into their spots. They shouldn't try and do to much in one year and hurt their chances for the playoffs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yankees after Washburn

ESPN's Buster Olney is reporting that the Yankees are taking a look at Jarrod Washburn. This is from MLBTR:

Washburn, 34 in August, has a 4.75 ERA in 110 innings this year.  For what it's worth, he has a 3.03 ERA in 62.3 innings since May 25th. That's cherry-picking, though - 4.50-4.75 is Washburn's level.  He can chew up 190 innings at the back end of a rotation.

Washburn is owed $10.35MM in '09, and has limited no-trade protection.  Olney believes it would mainly be a salary dump, and the Mariners might consider something like Kei Igawaand a secondary prospect. Yankees GM Brian Cashman hasn't struck a deal with the Ms since '03, when he worked with Pat Gillick on an Armando Benitez for Jeff Nelson swap.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors Interview

Tim Dierkes the head of the great website was kind enough to let us interview him. All of Tim's answers are in italics:

1. Many of the upcoming big name free agents (CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Mark Teixeira) have been generating interest from the Yankees. Which of them do you see actually signing with the Yankees, and for how much?

I have actually not heard much about serious interest from the Yankees in any of those three. I could see a Sheets signing in the range of four years and $72MM, but more likely if Cashman leaves.

2. The Yankees may want to sign an outfielder in the offseason, and Adam Dunn and Pat Burrell seem the best options there. Do you see either of them signing with the Yankees? Also, regardless of where those two guys sign, how much do you think they will get, considering they aren't really looked at as the premier free agents for next year, but are still good players.

I would be surprised to see the Yankees add either of those players with Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon both under contract. Neither Dunn nor Burrell could replace Abreu in right field. Free agent options for RF are uninspiring, so I am not sure what they'll do. Also, I think it makes sense to leave the DH spot somewhat open to rotate in various older players.

Dunn and Burrell will probably command four or five years at $14-16MM per. Just a guess.

3. Last year, the Yankees gave Mariano Rivera a 3-year, $45 MM deal, a huge deal for a closer. On your site, you recently said that Francisco Rodriguez wants $55 MM. Do you think he will get that, and if not, how much?

$55MM was mentioned as the number the L.A. Times' Kurt Streeter thought the Angels should offer, rather than what he wants. I expect him to snag that fifth year, maybe for a total of $65MM or so.

4. Mike Mussina's resurgence this year has surprised a lot of people. Do you think the Yankees will resign him this offseason or will they let him walk?

I expect them to bring him back. It'd be great to see him reach 20 wins for the first time. He's missed it due to various fluke situations.

5. Do you see the Yankees going after a bullpen arm like Brian Fuentes or Damaso Marte, or will they just stick with the bullpen they have now?

I do think they'll make a move, with Marte the top target for them.

6. A lot of people are wondering why certain teams don't sign Barry Bonds. Do you think he could help a team that would be willing to sign him?

I do, and there are good arguments for all the reasons people bring up not to sign him. If I was a GM, I would probably sign him.

7. Who do you see as the winners of the four most recent trades involving big name players (Santana, Haren, CC, Harden)?

I hate to cop out on you but most of those deals need 3-5 years to really determine the winner. I will say that of all the teams trading away their veteran starters, the Twins come out looking the worst. Not only is the package of players questionable, but they might be in first place right now with Johan.

8. Two of the biggest names that were expected to be traded (Sabathia and Harden) at the deadline have already been dealt. Do you see any more blockbusters happening before (or on) July 31st?

Not sure if Brian Fuentes and Xavier Nady are blockbusters, but I expect those guys to be moved. Holliday, Teixeira, Bay I see staying put.

This is part one of The Chuck Knoblog Interview EXTRAVAGANZA. Many thanks to Tim over at Later this week we will put up an interview with one of the Yankees beat writers Pete Abraham.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yankees Sign Ensberg

UPDATE: It’s a minor league deal

The Yankees signed third basemen Morgan Ensberg, who had been non-tendered by the Padres. I had posted about this earlier here, but got the idea from NoMaas. Ensberg was horrific last year, but has had three decent years. His line last year was .231/.320/.404. I know that sucks, but there is a lot of power there. A .404 slugging % isn't very good, but considering how few hits he got, it is actually pretty good. There is a stat called isolated power, which is just SLG-AVG, so his would be .173, which is a lot of power. He also had an .830 OPS last year against lefties, so he could be valuable in that sense. He will play first base, but may or may not make the team out of Spring Training. MLBTR is not sure if it is a major or minor league deal. He joins Jason Lane as another former Astro to join the Yankees.

Sorry about how poorly written that was, I don't have a lot of time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yankees Interested in Cameron

According to MLBTR the Yankees are interested in signing Mike Cameron if they trade the Melk Man. As we have said before A-Rod has been privately endorsing Cameron. The Yankees are the Brew Crew's main competition for Cameron. This doesn't make much sense at all as Cameron is a 35 year-old outfielder who is only getting worse and was never great to begin with. He is also serving a 25-game suspension to start the season. The Yankees currently have four better outfielders, and I really don't think Melky will get much for us in a trade,