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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Joe Mauer SHOULD be a Lifetime Minnesota Twin

There now seems to be a "small" groundswell about what Minnesota Twin Joe Mauer will end up doing as far as staying with the Twins of upping for free agency. Let me say this here and now, Joe Mauer is Mr. Minnesota, not just Minnesota Twin. What a terrible thing would it be to see Mauer leave his home town and home state. Many of you readers know that Mauer grew up a hero in Minneapolis-St-Paul, an All-American high school QB, who drew national attention as a nationally recruited football player. He is the Derek Jeter of Minnesota. What a shame to see him leave.
But I think the latest barrage of articles on Mauer leaving are off base andjust won't lead to Mauer leaving. Basically the writers are stirring up the waters and saying if Mauer doesn't sign with the Twins he is going to be a Yankee. They give the standard reasons, they have the money and the prospects, especially catching prospects. he Yankees are loaded with catching prospects, Romine, Montero and Sanchez being three of them. There is no pressing reason the Yankees would push that button. Imagine what the rest of baseball would accuse the Yankees of doing?
So let's get ready for the season, OK? Only 17 days until Boston on a Sunday night and right between the finals of March Madness. What a great weekend to look forward. Go Yankees!!!