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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Parade Madness

I was at the Parade and when standing out in the cold for a few hours people find a ways to occupy themselves. Near me people were throwing toilet paper back and forth, which was fun. Some other people were doing this:

Here is the quote from Deadspin:
I attended the Yankee parade this Friday...and a group of kids were picking random people to be thrown in the air just for the hell of it. This was hours before the parade started. It was quite entertaining...and this girl was being thrown around like a beach volleyball.
Deadspin has been bitching and moaning about the Yankees forever but that is a cool picture.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 New York Yankees Parade Info

Friday's ticker-tape parade will begin on Broadway at Battery Place (map above). They will make their way down the Canyon of Heroes to City Hall where the Mayor will present everyone (even Bruney) Keys to the City.

  • The Parade will start at 11 AM Friday Morning (11/6/09)
  • There are projected to be 3 million people attending the parade (including Nate and I)
  • You need tickets to go to the City Hall ceremony but they will showing it on a giant TV near City Hall plaza.
Here is the quote from Bloomberg:
Congratulations to the Yankees for bringing the world championship back home to New York City, where it belongs," said Bloomberg. "The Yankees have thrilled the city all year long with their come-from-behind victories and never-say-die attitude, and they did it again in the World Series. What's sweeter than a World Series won at home? The only thing that comes close is a ticker-tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes, and that's exactly what New Yorkers will get on Friday. The Phillies were a tough team to beat, but I must admit I look forward to seeing Mayor (Michael) Nutter in pinstripes as he joins me and some of our public school students as we paint the Albert Einstein School in the Bronx."

I will update this post with more info as it comes.