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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Larry, Shut Up

Finally, some non-steroid news. Its equally annoying though. Yet again, the Boston Red Sox are whining about the Yankees spending.

Can somebody please explain to Larry Luchinno that he is not the sole defender of small market baseball? You are not the same Red Sox who have been dominated by New York for over eight decades. You are one of the best teams in baseball and the second highest spending team in the league. While a salary cap makes a lot of sense, we don't need you to tell us that. The Steinbrenners beat you out for Teixeira by about ten million dollars over eight years. That's slightly over one million dollars each year. That's virtually nothing to either team. So please, spare us the sad story Larry and shut up.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Payroll

MLB Trade Rumors put out the Yankees edition of their "Offseason Outlook" series of posts. Basically, the Yankees should have about 145 million dollars tied up going into the offseason counting arbitration raises, for whatever reason they assumed Marte's option would be picked up. They`re aiming to lower payroll to about 180-185 million dollars. They need to sign/re-sign at least two, ideally three, starting pitchers, they need a first base man, and they need a centerfielder. If possible I`d also like to shore up that bench.

In my previous plan I suggested making these signings, trades, and re-signings without really thinking about payroll:

Re-sign Mike Mussina (7 million)
Re-sign Andy Pettitte (7 million)
Sign Adam Dunn (16 million)
Sign Casey Blake (9 million)
Sign either C.C. Sabathia, or Derek Lowe (22 million or 15 million)
Trade Kennedy, Aceves, Wright, and Melky for David DeJesus (2 million)

These estimated salaries would add up to 56-63 million dollars in added payroll. This brings things all the way up to about 201-208 million million dollars for a 2008 payroll. Although I`m not sure that the 180-185 million dollar cap will be that strictly enforced, I doubt they`ll be all the way up to 210 million dollars.

So how do we cut down on payroll? Firstly, I don't think both Mussina will be back. That brings things down to 194-201 million dollars which is a slight improvement. If Mussina does come back then it probably makes it easier to negotiate with Pettitte if he is willing to come back as well. Trading Damaso Marte could also bring payroll down 7 million dollars. He might bring back some solid prospects. That brings things down to 187-194 million dollars. If they didn't sign Casey Blake it would also bring things down to 178-185 million dollars, right in the range. I don't see them hitting that 180-185 million dollar range.

If I`m the Yankees I just try and bring the payroll down to that 187-193 million dollar range. They should be able to continue bringing down payroll as more bad contracts come off and cheap prospects move into their spots. They shouldn't try and do to much in one year and hurt their chances for the playoffs.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: The Yankees Spend A Lot Of Money

ESPN had this to say:

While their streak of AL East titles ended at nine, the Yankees wound up with a record payroll of $218.3 million.

The World Series champion Boston Red Sox were a distant second at $155.4 million, according to information received by clubs from the commissioner's office. The Los Angeles Dodgers were third at $125.6 million, followed by the New York Mets ($120.9 million), Chicago Cubs ($115.9 million), Seattle ($114.4 million), Los Angeles Angels ($111 million), Philadelphia ($101.8 million), San Francisco ($101.5 million) and the Chicago White Sox ($100.2 million).

In addition to the largest payroll, the Yankees have the highest revenue in the majors. New York took in $415 million last year, giving about $100 million of it away in the sport's revenue-sharing plan.

Both the Yankees and New York Mets will receive revenue boosts in 2009, when they move into new stadiums.