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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robinson Cano: Why He Should Win MVP

Since the baseball season is in it's home stretch everyone starts talking about awards. C.C. Sabathia is looking like a front runner in the A.L. Cy Young race. The interesting race to follow this season will be the 2010 A.L. MVP. There are four hitters who can make a claim to the prestigious award: Josh Hamilton, Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Beltre and Robinson Cano. Joe Mauer has the average and OBP to be in the running but I booted him out due to his small power numbers this year, like his .487 slugging %.

Before I go into detail check out the stats yourself:
 When you take a look at the stats you think Hamilton should win due to the large lead he has in the Batting Average category. Then you look at Cabrera's power numbers in awe and think he should lock it up due to his Homers, RBIs, OBP, and SLG while still keeping a high average. Miggy playing for Detroit will deter him from winning this award, I guarantee it.

Even though Hamilton and Miggy are leading Cano in almost every common statistical category he is still my pick for MVP on MVP and here are my reasons why.

First of all WAR. WAR stands for Wins Above Replacement which is a statistic that presents the number of wins that the player added compared to what a replacement player (think a AAA or AA player) would add. This stat shows Cano's value to the in hitting, fielding and base-running expressed in wins. 

 Scale: 8+ MVP
5+ AllStar
2+ Starter
0-2 Reserve
< 0 Replacement Level

Though Cano isn't leading the league in any common statistics such as Average but he is leading the league in WAR by a good margin. The MVP award is about your individual performance benefiting your team and adding 6 and 1/2 wins to the Yankees really jumps out.

Fun Fact: Cano has hit 23 of his 25 home runs in games that Yankees have won. Cano is batting .311 with RISP as well.

MVP stands for most valuable player not most valuable hitter. Defense is usually discounted when the MVP is talked about. From the three players in the running you already know- from watching baseball- that Cano is the best defender of the group.

Some quick UZRs:
Cano 3.2
Hamilton 4.6 in LF, 1.2 in CF (way less games in CF)
Cabrera -5.4

Playing on the best team in baseball helps Cano's MVP bid. In a season where the Yankees two best hitters, A-Rod and Teixeria, started off cold Cano picked up the slack. He is one of the main reasons the Yanks have the best record in baseball. If Cano reverted to another 2008 like season the Yankees would be struggling with Boston right now for the Wild Card.

Cabrera and Hamilton are both playing positions where most of the elite hitters in the game play, Outfield and 1st base. Cano is a second baseman. Think about some other second basemen in the leauge, the only one that can compare to Cano's hitting prowess in baseball is Utley.  You can make the argument for Pedroia but you have to be above 6.0 ft to be considered on my site (and he is hurt this year so stop crying).

You don't believe me? Here your chart:

I hope the bold text on the main points helped people who liked to skim but now I've got you, go back and read the whole thing!

Anyway it seems pretty simple to me that Cano should be this year's MVP but hell if Dustin Pedroia can win it anyone can.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yankees Watching LEBRON!!!!

Here are the boys at the Knicks game. Notice the different styles of dress (A-Rod, Melky, Tex). CC and Melky matched their shoes with their shirt. That is very impressive for Melky; he strikes me as a guy who doesn't know what day it is.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Checking Out With a Win

I'll be making my getaway to New Hampshire to spend some time with the family tomorrow. So, this was the last game I'll be seeing for the rest of the week. It was a good one though.

A.J. came out of the gate throwing heat. He was thrwoing 95-97 mph consistently and it served him well early on. When that started to fail him, he turned to a vicious breaking ball. Although the score was close, the way Burnett pitched made it feel like the lead was much larger.

He's been fantastic since that start against Boston and I pray he stays healthy because right now A.J. is a guy worth watching every start. He K'd seven in as many innings and gave up only two runs. Much of that was due to the fact that he limited his walk total to three which is a major improvement for Burnett. He was challenging hitters, rather than nibbling and the results were fantastic. The bullpen was just as good as well. The two Phil's worked together for an easy eighth inning and Mariano had a 1-2-3 ninth inning while K'ing two.

The offense didn't score to many runs but were solid and four runs sould be enough to win a game. Cano opened up the scoring by leading off the second with a homer. Its been a long time since Robi's flashed his power. It wasn't that long ago that some people were talking about 30 home run potential with him and its nice to see him show some of that again. The fifth inning was what sealed the deal. Brain Tallet started the inning by walking Brett Gardner, big mistake. The Toronto lefty was clearly distracted by Gardner throughout the rest of the inning. He ended up walking Mark Texeira with the bases loaded and throwing a wild pitch to give the Yankees a 3-1 lead. Vernon Wells got the Jays a run closer in the following inning with a solo homer but that was all they would get and A-Rod would tack on another run with a ninth inning homer off of Jeremy Accardo anyway.

Great bounceback win after a clunker by Sabathia and the Yankees are rolling right now.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yankees Lose

It doesn't seem like these Yankees ever really have normal games. Its always either a dramatic comeback win or as painful a loss as they can make it.

Wang pitched fine for once. He kept the Yankees in the game and I assume he will get another start (against the Braves?) but I already adressed Wang's performance. The bullpen also came through big. Phil Hughes continued to establish himself as a reliable bullpen arm with another two shutout innings. In the bullpen he can rely solely on his fastball and curveball rather than being forced to rely on his weaker pitches like his changeup and cutter.

So that's it for the pitching, the real problem was the incredible lack of offense. For the first eight innings nothing happened. Robinson Cano (who may be starting to heat up a bit) hit a solo homer for their only run but besides that they didn't give Yankees fans much to root for, A-Rod got some boos but that's not even notable anymore. Of course, as these Yankees always seem to do. They came alive in the 9th. Johnny Damon led off the inning with a home run to bring the score to 3-2. Thus waking up all of the sleeping Yankee fans at the stadium and nearly inciting a comeback win. Mark Teixeira hit a single with one out and Brett Gardner pinch ran for him. After two stolen bases Gardner ended up on third for Alex Rodriguez with only one out. Instead of getting teh walkoff home run everybody at the stadium was expecting though, he works a walk. Setting up a game ending double play from Robinson Cano.

Another ugly loss but at 1:00 today they have a chance to reverse that. Win today and everybody forgets about it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yankees Win

For a little while it looked like the Yankees were going to blow this one. Nobody was surprised when they pulled this one out though. Aside from the Yankees many comeback wins this year, Washington's bullpen is absurdly bad. I really feel bad for the National's few fans, if Ron Villone is pitching key innings for you, you're in big trouble.

C. C. Sabathia turned in another nice start today. The only mistake he made was the home run he gave up to Anderson Hernandez. However, he went deep into the game again and gave up only three runs. It was a long time before he gave up his one walk of the night. The only concern I have is that he only K'ed two guys. So far C. C. has been good and a big innings eater. However, not the ace we have hoped for. Hopefully, he will repeat his second half surge of last year, to some degree. The return of Brian Bruney to get the last out of the eighth was notable and Mariano turned in a typical 1-2-3 inning for the save.

Cano hasn't been hitting lately much at all lately but today may mark the start of a turnaround. If he could get going it would be huge for the Yankees and any time a guy goes 4-4 its a good day. His double at the end of the game essentially put the game away. Texeira also made some nice stretches in the field in contrast to his Washinton counterpart, Nick Johnson, and blasted a HIGH double to left center.

All in all, a nondescript win for the Yankees but still a if they lost it would have put them three behind Boston. Nobody wants to blow the series opener against Washington at home either.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Memories

Going to my first game at the new stadium today felt very much like my first game at the old one. I'm older and I know much more about the game now but it felt very much the same. Part of it was because I went with my mom (seeing as I she lets me live in her basement, it seemed only fair) and some of the rest of my family that went with me to my first game but it was mostly the feeling of awe at my surroundings.

For the first time, their was no giant bat or stands selling jerseys. Their were certainly some feelings of nostalgia as we walked past the old, condemned stadium as well. However, it was impossible to feel all that sad when the new stadium came into view. Walking into the "Great Hall" was simply mind-blowing. The massive pictures of great Yankees players and moments are just great tributes to their history and the spaciousness of it all is very welcome. Monument park was unfortunately closed two hours before the game so we couldn't get it, so we went straight to our seats after a quick trip to the (miraculously clean) bathroom.

We then proceded to watch eight of the worst innings of baseball I have even seen in person. It started out perfectly fine. Andy Pettitte held the other team scoreless for the first two innings before taking a hit in the third. Raul Ibanez absolutely crushed a ball to dead center to give the Phillies a run and a 1-0 lead. It would last though. Robinson Cano, who had a great game, led off the Yankees half of the third with a leadoff double (or error, depending on what team you root for) and scored with some small ball. Melky bunted him over to third and Nick Swisher got the RBI with a sharp groundout to the shortstop.

Both pitchers kept the opposition quiet for the next few innings, aided by a sliding catch in foul territory by Mark Teixeira. Then came the 5th and John Mayberry. Pettitte had been struggling with his control all afternoon and started off the inning with back to back walks before giving up a three run homer to a rookie making his ML debut named John Mayberry, of course inciting a mass orgasm amongst the Phillies fans arou
nd me. One, slightly drunk fan directly in front of me just kept repeating Mayberry's name. From here on out things were pretty dismal. Pettitte battled through seven innings without giving up any more runs and was followed by nearly perfect performances by Phil Coke (1 and 2/3 innings) and Jose Veras (1/3 of an inning). However, the only run they got was a solo shot by Jeter in the 6th. The only other time they came close to scoring was in the 8th when Brett Gardner got a pinch-hit double with one out. Even then, Matsui and Jeter followed up with back to back strike outs to blow the big chance. What was really incredible was how they failed to capitalize on Charlie Manuel removing dominant starter, J. A. Happ after only about 75 pitches.

By the time the ninth rolled around the stadium was pretty quiet. The fans woke up in a hurry though. Damon led off with a huge walk and took second while Mark Teixeira struck out. Then came who else but A-Rod. I have to admit that I didn't harbor much hope for him when they got two strikes on him and nodded in agreement when my dear mother felt a need to say, "He's so bad in the clutch." A couple pitches later he ties the game up against Brad Lidge with an opposite field home-run, hit the way only Alex can. The cheers and clapping went on long after Alex crossed home plate. The Yankees didn't waste any time winning it either. Robinson Cano quickly followed him up with a base hit and a rare steal of second which proved to be of the utmost importance. Melky Cabrera then laced a single to right centerfield and Cano ran on home drawing a late throw. It wasn't long before he got the now traditional pie in the face. Not a bad introduction to the new stadium at all.

On the way out we ran into a friend who used to sit near our old seats in years past. We also saw that Freddy (of the spoon and pan) had made the trip across the street and that today was his 84th birthday. On the way to the car, I couldn't resist taking a peek through the fence encircling The House That Ruth Built. However, their's no arguing that the new stadium is beautiful and makes powerful tributes to the Yankees proud past. Today gave me confidence that Mystique and Aura have moved across the street and that we to can make a new home for ourselves in this baseball nirvana.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comic: Red Sox Sweep

After a two long painful losses the Red Sox swept the series today in a 4-1 win over the bombers. In other the games the losses were mostly a product of the bullpen. Today however a lack of run support cost us the game. When Brett Gardner drives in your only run you know you're in trouble. The Red Sox had a big 5th inning and the Yankees could not answer. Pettitte pitched well and seemed to be the bearer of bad luck. 2 errors by Angel Berrora caused the 5th inning to unravel into a disaster. Cano's face says it all (right). The bottom line is that Yankees deserved to lose. With a grand total of 35 runners left on base in the series. It's the worst to be swept by Boston but we have to move on and focus on the upcoming series with the Tigers.

An interesting side note: Jeter tied Mickey Mantle for the Yankees record of 8,102 career at bats when he struck out in the 7th.

This post was featured on Voice of the Yankees Universe

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cano and Marte Okay

They`re going to miss a few days but that's it. Cano should be back Friday and Marte is day to day. My intial reaction was an overreaction I guess.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second Base

To continue with this series....

Yankees- Robinson Cano- Cano had a really pathetic 2008 after emerging as one of the the best second baseman in the league. It wasn't quite as awful as it seemed though. His EQA was .255 which isn't great but its tolerable from second base. His defense also appeared to fall off. I like Cano a lot but he really has to make a comeback next year. Thankfully, that looks likely. His BABIP last year was the worst of his career despite a high LD%. Supposedly, Kevin Long helped tweak his swing and he`s been working hard this winter in winter ball so I`d be surprised if he repeated 2008. Still, 2009 is a big year for Cano. In winter ball he seemed to be willing to walk more which would be a big step in the right direction.

Red Sox- Dustin Pedroia- On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Dustin Pedroia. Pedroia is, of course, coming off an MVP year and may be the best second baseman in baseball (although he`s still probably behind Chase Utley). Certainly in the AL at least. He`s one of the best young players in baseball and anybody would love to have a guy like him. It should be interesting in the next few years how him and Cano do and if we have any flashbacks of Nomar/Jeter.

Rays- Akiniori Iwamura- Originally signed as a third baseman, Iwamura made the shift to accomodate Evan Longoria. Iwamura's absolute lack of power is his downfall which seems to be a trend in players coming over from Japan. He hits for a solid OBP and BA and has a good glove but six homers just isn't enough. Last year he was better than Cano but I`m counting on a bounce back from Cano.

Conclusion- Red Sox- Yankees- Rays- Pedroia is pretty clearly the head of the pack here and by a good bit. Cano has a chance to surpass him but I wouldn't bet on it. Iwamura at the bottom mainly due to his lack of power. He`s not bad but he`s not as good as Cano or Pedroia either.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cano not going anywhere

Coontrary to early reports, the Dodgers have not talked about trading for Cano since last July. He`s not going anywhere, the Yanks aren't going to sell low on him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cano for Cain?

I just read this article on NoMaas, in which Lane Meyer makes the case for a trade of Robinson Cano to San Francisco for Matt Cain. I strongly recommend reading the article, because Lane makes a very interesting case, and says it much better than I can. To summarize, Cain is a young, durable, talented young arm under control for the next three years. I love Cano, but this trade does seem to make a lot of sense. The only question I would have about a trade like this is whether or not this would be selling low on Cano, considering he is coming off such a poor year. However, I think Cain is a good bounty for Cano, even if last year had never happened. Considering there is a replacement availible on the free agent market in Orlando Hudson, I think this trade is both realistic and beneficial for both teams.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Peavy

Jake Peavy has said that their are only three 3 AL teams he would waive his no trade clause to play for. One of them could be the Yankees. Again, I don't think any trade would be worth it for Peavy.

Monday, October 6, 2008


The Pirates would not trade Nate McLouth for Robinson Cano. They would need to be blown away to trade away McLouth. I`d be surprised to see him dealt now. I still say the Yankees need a centerfielder though. Maybe David DeJesus should be the new target?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cano Rumors

Ken Rosenthal mentions that every team with a need at second base is interested in Cano. As I`ve said before, I`d be reluctant to trade Cano, however, it depends on how much he`ll cost.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cano Trade?

According to Jon Heyman, the Yankees are seriously considering trading Cano. The Dodgers are interested and Orlando Hudson would be a potential replacement. I`m extremely reluctant to do this but I`d have to consider it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cano Removed For Lack of Hustle

A lot has been made this season of Robinson Cano's apparent laziness this season, but it wasn't until today that Cano was disciplined. He was taken out of the game in the fifth inning for not going after a ball that was booted by Jason Giambi. Some people have said that Cano has been playing poorly this year because of Larry Bowa's departure to Los Angeles. I don't buy that. Cano has had one of the unluckiest seasons in history. He currently has a Babip of .274 compared to his career line of .321, while his line drive rate is right in line with his career rate, 18.8 compared to 18.9. I think this is the reason for his apparent laziness, as well as his decline in fielding. While he probably doesn't feel that he's been playing poorly, the production has not been there to say the least. This has to be incredibly frustrating for him, and may have taken that frustration with him into the field. Now this is just my completely unfounded theory, so tell me what you think in the comments.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Richie Sexson Is Not The Answer

In the post below this, Charlie applauded the Yankees signing of Richie Sexson. While it's true that he may help out against lefties, he probably won't do too much. I'm not really against the signing, but at best Sexson will add about half a win. Maybe. The Yankees are averaging 4.59 runs per game, good for 15th in the majors, and 8th in the AL. This middle of the road performance is far from what was expected, and it can't continue if the Yankees want to make the playoffs. Obviously there is room for improvement. Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu, Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera are all having sub-par seasons and could theoretically improve. There has been a lot of speculation about trading for Ichiro, Matt Holliday, Xavier Nady, etc. These are all solid options, but there is one player who could be had for a lot less in terms of money and prospects: Barry Lamar Bonds. True, he hasn't played baseball in a while, but he wants a contract, so he has been staying in shape. Give him two weeks in the minors and he should be ready. After all, he's one of the best hitters ever. He had a 1.045 OPS last year. It's safe to say he will regress from that mark, maybe by a lot, but would .850 be a safe estimate, wouldn't it? That's basically Matsui, so there you go, Bonds is the replacement, and he doesn't cost Phil Hughes or Austin Jackson. If Bonds doesn't produce, he can be cut easily, since he will be making the pro-rated minimum.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Should We Be Worried?

No. No we should not. The Yankees are currently 10-10, fourth place in the AL East. They have scored 84 runs and allowed 93. Their team line in Avg/OBP/SLG is .265/.334/.425. All of those things are very bad. Fun Fact: It's April 21st. None of those things really matter right now. Sure, it's frustrating, but the Yankees won't finish with the 81-81 record they are on pace for. The Yankees have a lot of guys underachieving right now, who are bound to pick up. Robinson Cano is currently playing below replacement level. Robbie has a career .307/.340/.478 line and is currently 25 years old. He'll pick up. Jorge Posada will be back soon. Basically, there is no way this lineup will continue to hit at a pace of 4.2 runs/game. Pitching will most likely be the Yankees weak point all year, but there's no way it will be this bad. The Yanks currently have three pitchers below replacement level (Moose, Hughes and IPK). Not that any of those guys are guaranteed to be great (though we hope so for Hughes and Kennedy), but there's no way they will be this bad all year (even Moose). There's no way of putting it nicely, all three of those guys have been awful this year, but Hughes and Kennedy have FIPs (fielding independent pitching) below their ERA's, suggesting that they are also having some bad luck. Hughe's FIP is almost five points below his ERA, Kennedy's is 4.68 points below. Those two guys should pick up and be average to good pitchers. Mussina may very well be done, but if he can be league average until Joba is ready to replace him, the Yankees should be in good shape.

Monday, April 14, 2008

If Its Not One Thing, Its Another

The Yankees won today, ending a two-game mini losing streak, 8-7. However, it was 7-2 at one point. The offense finally showed up today, despite Jorge Posada, Robinson Cano (to start) and the 2008 MVP Jose Molina being out of the lineup. A-Rod hit a homerun, tying Ted Williams on the all-time list. Robinson Cano also homered while pinch hitting for the former attorney general in the eighth inning. The Yankees also got a quality start from Ian Patrick Kennedy, which was something that was much needed. So, seems like a good night... except for the bullpen. Billy Traber entered in the seventh inning, and gave up a two run homer to Carl Crawford. Brian Bruney also allowed a homer, and the bullpen as a whole gave up four runs in three innings. The bullpen had been good up to this point, so hopefully today was just an abberation.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Recap #2

Todays game was in Kissimme, against the Astros. The Yankees won 7-6. Here are some notable performances:
Melky had a good day (2 for 3 with a double, walk and 2 runs) as did his buddy Robinson Cano (3 for 4 with 2 RBI and a run). Shelley Duncan continued his hot hitting, going 2 for 4 with a double. Morgan Ensberg also went 2 for 4 with a double. One player I was really happy with was Francisco Cervelli, who threw out two runners attempting to steal, and showed patience at the plate, going 1 for 1 with two walks.
Moose got roughed up a bit, but I wouldn't start worrying yet. Jeff Karstens pitched well, allowing no runs in three innings of work, giving up two hits and striking out two. Edwar Ramirez allowed an unearned run while striking out one in an inning of work. Steven Jackson pitched a perfect inning. Dan McCutchen pitched a scoreless inning, allowing a hit and striking out a batter. Mark Melancon got the save, pitching a perfect ninth, while getting two groundball outs.