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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sergio Mitre's Return

One of the quiet signings that Cashman and co. made last winter was Sergio Mitre. Back when they first signed him I made a post saying he had some potential to be a solid fill in for them. Well, now with Pettitte and Wang both struggling and Ian Kennedy hurt their may be a need for him. He was suspended for violating the PED policy for the first chunk of the year but now he's pitching for Scranton. His first start was excellent and if the rotation continues to have problems, look for him to get a call-up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

But Who Will Pitch The Eighth?

Joba. Joba will pitch the eighth. At least tonight anyway. Tonight was arguably Joba's best start since making the conversion to the starting rotation, going eight strong innings, allowing two earned runs, just four hits, two walks, and striking out five. He threw 106 pitches. This is a huge sign of progress for Joba. In previous starts, 106 pitches might get him through 5 or 6 innings but tonight he went eight. That comes out to 4.42 pitches/out, which is very efficient. Perhaps this starts means Joba has learned that you do not need to strike out every batter you face. Strikeouts, groundouts, and a lack of walks are the key to pitching success, and that's what Joba did tonight. Two walks in eight innings is great, and just five of Joba's outs came in the air. Now, this start likely will not shut up those who want him in the bullpen, but it should. Joba is a 23 year old with a 3.71 ERA in the AL East, and he still has a lot to learn. Those are the ingredients of an ace, not a setup man.

A Pitching Surplus

Here's my crazy idea for the day. I've been tossing this idea around in my head for a while but the time has never been right for it. The Yankees right now have a very brief but valuable starting pitching surplus. Burnett, Sabathia, and Pettitte of course have spots set in the rotation, leaving three guys for one hole. The Yankees are going to have to figure out what to do with Wang, Joba, and Hughes. First of all, lets rule out Joba to the bullpen. Of the three he's pitched best in the rotation and he was a bonafide number one starter last year. So, this leaves Hughes and Wang battling for one spot. We can leave Wang in the bullpen and keep Hughes in the rotation, send Hughes to AAA and move Wang to the bullpen, or put Hughes in the bullpen and move Wang to the rotation. Right now, I think that's the best move for the Yankees.

Hopefully, this would not be a permanent move for Phil but it makes sense in the short term for a few reasons which I'll adress in quick and easy bulleted form.
  • He clearly has nothing left to prove in AAA. Minor leaguers are helpless against him and their's nothing left to learn from that level. This way he can build up his innings totals and still get valuable ML experience.
  • Wang had been one of the best pitchers in baseball for three years straight before getting hurt last year. Since he's come back he seems to have found himself again and does not belong wasting away in the bullpen.
  • Hughes has been mediocore thus far in the rotation. He has shown flashes of greatness but, like most 23 year olds, has been inconsistent. Their is no reason to believe he is any better than any of the Yankees' other five starters right now.
  • The bullpen needs some help from somewhere. Having another guy, in addition to Aceves, that can go multiple innings in a big spot would be huge. Hughes has been mediocore in the rotation but mediocore starters often dominate in the bullpen.

Keep in mind, this would be a very temporary solution. Somebody will get hurt eventually and Hughes can then switch back into the rotation. Even if nobody gets hurt, this would be a one year solution until a spot opens up next year. Its worth a shot and I think it would solve a lot of the Yankees' problems. Thoughts?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Results Are In

Our second poll is closed now and the results are in! I thought I will announce the results and start and new poll. The old question was:


The Results
Yes- 49 votes (79%)
No- 12 votes (19%)
Not Sure- 1 vote (1%) 
62 votes total 

Now to announce our new poll question:


IPK (Kennedy) 
Kim Jones

(the new poll is up and running) 
Remember to Vote! 

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Right now the Yankees only two solid starters are clearly Mussina and Pettitte. However, both have contracts up after the year and are getting to that age where you never know when they`ll hit a wall. Despite this, I believe the Yankees need both of them back. Here`s a look at the two of them:

Pettitte`s ERA has taken a jump this year and lately he has struggled greatly. However, his periphereals are still very good. His GB% and his K/BB are both solid. The real problem for Pettitte has been a high BABIP. His FIP is very good at 3.66 as well. For a one year deal I would love to have Pettitte back. The biggest concern with him is retirement.

Mussina has been incredible all year. He`s always been a control pitcher but he`s had the lowest BB/9 of his career this year. That`s been the biggest difference for him. However, his K/9 and GB% both rose as well. He`s managed to overcome a .322 BABIP and a FB which continues to get slower. Looking back at his 2007 nmbers he seemed to have been getting more than a little unlucky as well. His BABIP was an incredibly high .340. The question with him is whether or not he`ll come back on a one year deal. I may actually be willing to go for two years on him.

Lets assume they sign a big free agent starter and bring back one of these guys. Look at this rotation:

1) Wang
2) FA starter
3) Joba
4) Mussina/Pettitte
5) Hughes (?)

This isn't bad but Joba will be starting 2009 in the bullpen. Who is the 5th starter then for the first few months? Aceves? Kennedy? Igawa? Not to mention we don't have much depth in the scenario. I just don't feel comfortable at all in this scenario. If they can sign two top FA starters then I`m fine with it but what are the chances of that happening?

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today's loss was no surprise. Roy Halladay is tough even when he's having a bad year. This year he's unhittable. It was nice to see A-Rod hit a HR which shows the boos aren't getting to him that much. Cano had a nice bounce-back game in the field and Alfredo Aceves was great. However, Pettitte's struggles have been worrying me. I`m sure that how he does for the rest of the year will impact whether he wants to retire or come back, if we even want him back.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Solid Start for the Franchise

Phil Hughes was a beast in the last start of the spring for him. Here are the numbers from the wise Pete Abe

5 innings
3 hits
2 runs
1 earned
1 walk
4 strikeouts
69 pitches / 44 strikes

This is key for the Yankees because now Hughes has a solid spring start to help boost his confidence and give him a perfect way to end the spring that is perfect to get him prepared for the regular season.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yu Darvish Could Be Posted

Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish could be posted, according to Sankei Sports, as translated by MLBTR. His team, the Nippon Ham Fighters are willing to post him, should he ask to play in the majors. Nobody is sure if that means this year or next. His posting fee is expected to be greater than Dice-K's $51 million. The Yankees have already expressed interest, as I mentioned in this post. If the price is going to be that high, then I am firmly against this move. First of all, Japanese pitchers rarely live up to expectations. I think we give Japanese league hitters more credit than they deserve. Watch the video at the bottom of this post, and tell me if you are as unimpressed as I am. He looks like a good pitcher, but not a dominating one. If you are going to pay well over $50 million just to talk to a guy, he has to be dominating, and that has to be a sure thing. He could be a major league number three, maybe even a two (although I doubt it), and a guy like that isn't worth all that money. Based on Dice-K's Japan highlights as compared to Darvish, Dice-K looked better. A lot better, and he wasn't all that impressive last year. If the Yankees are going to pay a pitcher that kind of money, then it should either be used on the draft or on C.C. Sabathia.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yankee Prospects Throw Hard

According to Baseball America, the Yankees have two of the three hardest-throwers in the minors in Joba and Andrew Brackman, who both can hit 100 mph on the radar gun. This is just another testament to how good the Yankee farm system is.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brackman to Begin Throwing Soon

2007 first rounder Andrew Brackman is scheduled to begin throwing from ninety feet next week. He had Tommy John surgery in August, but was believed to be a top 10 talent before getting injured. His injury was why he fell to the 30th pick. Brackman's rehab is right on schedule and he could pitch in the AFL or HWL later this year.

More Joba Rules

From NoMaas

The Yankees envision Joba Chamberlain as a starter and they are eager to see what his blazing fastball and electric slider can do as part of their rotation. But the Bombers also are concerned about how many innings the 22-year-old will throw next season, so Chamberlain may start the year in the bullpen.

"We're going to prepare him as a starter and we see him as a starter," Yankee GM Brian Cashman said yesterday. "But we have an innings limit that he won't exceed. How we manage the innings limit remains to be seen. The plan is to have him start, but there are a number of scenarios that we'll review." (Source)

In addition to his innings cap, GM Brian Cashman has also stated that Joba cannot be fed after midnight, nor be exposed to water or sunlight.