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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brad Penny

One of the most overlooked free agents pitchers this year has been Brad Penny. He had a terrible, injury plagued year last year but may be a bargain for whoever signs him if he return to form.

On top of this the Dodgers just turned down a one year, 9 million dollar option for him. It wouldn't take much to sign him. Perhaps 2 years at about 5-6 million with an option for a third year.

Rather than handing a 4-5 year deal to Burnett I`d greatly prefer Penny. If it takes 4 years to entice Lowe then Penny may also be better than him. If they choose to sign Penny as their second pitcher, it also would free up enough money for them to sign Texiera or Dunn for first base and move Swisher to centerfield. If you had a choice between Penny, Swisher in center and Texiera/Dunn at first or Burnett/Lowe, Gardner in center, and Swisher at first I might have to go with the first one. While its critical to have a good rotation, its important not to get stupid.