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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is the kind of game that a team has when things are going good. Since that last game against Atlanta they've been riding a six game winning streak and show no signs of slowing down. Last night was clearly not one of those nights when Joba dominates deep into a game. However, he gutted it out for a solid performance and let his all-star offense do the job its supposed to do.

Joba seemed unwilling or unable to throw strikes, yet again at the New Stadium. He walked three, not horrible but not great either, but it really showed in the fact that he had 96 pitches when he got pulled from the game with one out in the sixth. He was having a very nice game until he tired late into his outing. Through the first four inning the Mariners only got one run off of him on a homer by Ronny Cedeno. However, in the fifth they tagged him for two runs on a series of singles, walks, and three stolen bases. He gave way to Phil Coke in the sixth with a guy on second and one out. Coke finished the inning without further incidence and Hughes pitched an uneventful seventh.

At this point the Yankees had already blown their first lead of the game in the sixth and let the M's tie it back up at three. When Alex Rodriguez hit a two run homer (following a Johnny Damon double) to give them a 5-3 lead the game should have been over. Brian Bruney and Mariano Rivera were due to finish the game. Brian Bruney blew the lead again though, leading to another tie at 5-5. I suppose if you're being optimistic you could say this just set the scene for the drama in the ninth and gave Matsui, Jeter, Swisher, and Melky chances to be heroes but I'm concerned about Bruney. Since returning, he has not been the same pitcher.

Luckily they did retake the lead had Mariano Rivera to save the game in the ninth but it was definitely a lucky win.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yankees Win

For a little while it looked like the Yankees were going to blow this one. Nobody was surprised when they pulled this one out though. Aside from the Yankees many comeback wins this year, Washington's bullpen is absurdly bad. I really feel bad for the National's few fans, if Ron Villone is pitching key innings for you, you're in big trouble.

C. C. Sabathia turned in another nice start today. The only mistake he made was the home run he gave up to Anderson Hernandez. However, he went deep into the game again and gave up only three runs. It was a long time before he gave up his one walk of the night. The only concern I have is that he only K'ed two guys. So far C. C. has been good and a big innings eater. However, not the ace we have hoped for. Hopefully, he will repeat his second half surge of last year, to some degree. The return of Brian Bruney to get the last out of the eighth was notable and Mariano turned in a typical 1-2-3 inning for the save.

Cano hasn't been hitting lately much at all lately but today may mark the start of a turnaround. If he could get going it would be huge for the Yankees and any time a guy goes 4-4 its a good day. His double at the end of the game essentially put the game away. Texeira also made some nice stretches in the field in contrast to his Washinton counterpart, Nick Johnson, and blasted a HIGH double to left center.

All in all, a nondescript win for the Yankees but still a if they lost it would have put them three behind Boston. Nobody wants to blow the series opener against Washington at home either.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Comeback Win

These Yankees have shown some pretty amazing resilience in this short season. They started out slow and got a lot of bad press early on. However, they've charged all the way to first place and could not have done it without some huge late inning, maybe even clutch, comebacks.

What was interesting about today was that nobody really stood out. Alfredo Aceves was the player of the game which can really sum things up. Joba had a good start but faltered towards the end, as young pitchers often do. Three runs in six innings is nothing to sneeze at. However, its not dominating like his last start. Nick Swisher hit a solo shot in the third and nearly made a very nice play in the field. Melky Cabrera's diving catch was also a big moment. However, this was really a team effort.

The big rally came in the bottom of the eighth but it lacked a big hero. With one out and nobody on Damon got things started with a single and Mark Texeira followed things with another hit. Thus setting the stage for Alex Rodriguez. In very un-A-Rod like fashion though he laid off some bad breaking balls and worked a walk. Robinson Cano showed some of his newfound plate disciplince and walked in a run. The next two runs were really a function of some good luck for the Yankees. On a possible DP ball, Akiniori Iwamura booted a ball and let everybody reach safely. This gave Hideki Matsui a shot against J.P. Howell to beat out a double play attempt that would have been an inning ending ground out other wise. That was the end of the scoring for the Yanks but one run was enough for Mariano today.

All this gave Joe Girardi his 200th win as a manager and with a Boston loss today they are now barely in sole possession of first place by a half of a game. The Yankees aren't blowing people away but they're still winning.