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Friday, August 20, 2010

Clemens Indicted

My MS Paint picture from when this Clemens news first came about, a post in late 2007.
It has been a while since we have had some steroid news, nearly 2 years after Roger Clemens testified in front of congress he has been indicted on 6 counts of perjury. These government steroid trials take so long, I wish this was all over but this is far from over.

 No need to fear, lemme handle this, Look buddy, I know a lot about the law and various other lawyerings, uh, I'm well educated, well versed. I know that situations like this, court wise, are complex.

Let me put on my lawyer pants and break this down for you.

With these charges looming over his head Clemens has a few choices: take a plea bargain, go to trail or flee the country. Since Clemens has been fairly defiant throughout this whole processes I highly doubt he grovel for a plea bargain. So that means we will get to see a about a year. Clemens will put on a show for the jury with his silky smooth arguments (remember 2008? I am being sarcastic). It is very likely that Clemens will go to jail, my guess if for at least 6 months along with some fines. It all comes down to the jury, which no one can predict.

From the Rocket's Twitter:

I never took HGH or Steroids. And I did not lie to Congress. I look forward to challenging the Governments accusations, and hope people will keep an open mind until trial. I appreciate all the support I have been getting. I am happy to finally have my day in court.


Here is the link to the full indictment if you are into that sort of thing.

Here is a breakdown of what and why he was charged with if you are too lazy to read the legal document:

Count 1: Obstruction of Justice:
• Four separate denials that he'd never used HGH or steroids
• Never spoken to Brian McNamee about HGH or steroids
• Denial about his knowledge of HGH
• Two separate denials he'd been injected by McNamee with vitamin B-12
• Two denials he'd been injected by McNamee with lidocaine
• Said needles were lined up in the clubhouse after games, ready for B-12 injections
• Said Yankee teammate Andy Petitte misheard or misremembered Clemens telling teammate in or around 1999 of HGH use
• Said Clemens didn't know McNamee was injecting Clemens' wife
• Said Clemens had "no idea" former Sen. George Mitchell wanted to talk to him for his 2007 report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball
• Said he was not in [Jose Canseco's] house on or about June 9, 1998

Count 2: False statements, HGH
• Based on denial he used HGH

Count 3: False statements, steroids
• Based on denial he used steroids

Count 4: False statements, B12
• Said McNamee injected him with B12

Count 5: Perjury, HGH
• Based on denial he received HGH from McNamee

Count 6: Perjury, steroids
• Based on denial he received steroids from McNamee

Oh and one more thing:


Gets me every time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Andy Phillips Mixed Up in Porno Scandal

Demi Delia (right) has filed a police report against all around good guy Andy Phillips. Phillips is caught up in another MLB impostor; DeadSpin puts it perfectly:
There have been a slew of athlete impersonation stories, from the recently sentenced Joba Chamberlain impersonator, to the cross-dressing guy claiming to be John Maine who stalked women at nightclubs, and it appears Phillips may be a victim of a similar crime. This story first became public — if you can call a news item on Demi Delia's personal blog "public" — January 26th, when Delia (actual name, Gina Rodriguez ) posted this official-sounding story with the title, "Former New York Yankee/Current Pittsburgh Pirate - Andy Phillips Accused Of Allegedly Impersonating Former Yankee Carl Pavano, the Phillies' Greg Dobbs, And Alleged Agent Jordan Kapler ." In that story, Delia said she and Phillips were engaged in some sort of romantic encounter that began over email. Oh, and Carl Pavano's involved somehow. Oh, and this whole thing was set up by the Phillies' Gregg Dobbs, and a cast of other characters also became enmeshed. Feeling duped, Delia's conclusion was that all of these individuals she was corresponding with were actually being impersonated by Andy Phillips. These interactions did lead to a face-to-face between Delia and the person claiming to be Phillips and Delia on Dec. 29th, at Hotel 57 in Manhattan. Yeah, they spent the night together, but after that, in Delia's mind, things got a little weird and now she's looking for justice. She says in her story, "I am bringing these charges in an effort to expose Mr. Phillips, but also to alert these people, Mr. Pavano, and Mr. Dobbs, that this man is fraudulently representing them in a bold and lawless manner. It's important that he be stopped.
Got it?
On January 3rd, Delia and her friend Elizabeth Coleman, filed a police report with the West Valley LAPD Detectives, which she faxed over to me. The charges weren't clearly defined, but it did state that Andy Phillips was impersonating other random major league players, a sports agent, and professional wrestler John Cena, and was becoming creepy. When I spoke to Delia on the phone, she was thoroughly convinced the "Andy Phillips" that was bothering her and her friend was the actual Andy Phillips, who now is fighting for a roster spot with the Pirates. She didn't sound delusional, insane, or vindictive. She actually seemed quite rational for a porn star. Nevertheless, her story about their tawdry romance and subsequent harassment seemed completely implausible, considering a few writers who've interacted with Andy say it's not likely he'd be involved in this sort of porntaculous fling.
"I think he was one of the nicest players I'd ever met," said one New York Daily News writer. "And I thought he was pretty heavily involved in the church..."
But, hey, Andy Phillips might have been touched by the same porno-lusting devil that's taken plenty of Jesus-lovers down. It happens.
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The MLB is looking into it but I don't think this case is going to hold up.