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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dayton Moore

In one of my rare visits to I noticed a Q/A with Dayton Moore, the Royals GM. In this article he said his biggest priority was now adding right handed middle relievers. He also emphasized the importance of Mark Teahen to the team.

They`re either going to need to trade somebody or bench Teahen. If Teahen is as important as Moore claims he is, then I doubt he`ll be benched. David DeJesus makes the most sense to be traded to me, he has more value as a centerfielder to another team than to the Royals as a leftfielder. He also said he`s looking for right-handed relievers.

Hmmmm, now what team has a surplus of cheap right handed relievers and needs a centerfielder......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coco Crisp to Royals

Our good friends up in Boston traded Coco Crisp for Ramon Ramirez from the Royals as you may or may not know.

I really think we need a new centerfielder and this may allow the Royals to trade David DeJesus. Crisp will probably be their starting centerfielder, Jose Gullen will be their left-fielder, Mike Jacobs will play first, and Billy Butler will be their DH. The question is, who plays left? Mark Teahen or David DeJesus? My guess is that one will be traded. The Yankees have a need for a centerfielder and this article suggests that the Royals will be looking for relievers. The Yankees could probably deal away a reliever or two and be fine.

I doubt Marte would be involved in this because he was just signed and he`s a little pricy for the Royals. However, their might be a match here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There's An Idea....

I was reading through the last chat on MLB Trade Rumors and one of the questioners actually had a pretty good idea. Why not have the Yankees solve their two biggest problems on offense and trade for David DeJesus and Billy Butler in the same trade?

I`ve advocated trading for DeJesus in the past. He`s not fantastic and ideally he`s not a centerfielder but he can hold the position down for a year before hopefully moving to left or right field when Jackson is ready. He`s cheap and a solid hitter. The Royals are willing to trade him as well.

The Royals have a surplus of first baseman, especially with their trade for Mike Jacobs. Butler is very young and cheap but was dissapointing for the Royals last year. He`s only going to get better and could be the long term answer that they`ve been searching for.

For DeJesus I advocated a package of Kennedy+ Aceves+Wright+Melky. They would need more in order to get Butler as well. Maybe by replacing Kennedy or Aceves with McAllister and replacing Melky with Gardner would get it done. McAllister+Aceves or Kennedy+Gardner+Wright? Is that fair?

I still might not be totally comfortable with Butler at first for 2009. Maybe it would be better to have him spend a year in AAA to wait for injury or hopefully 2010. I would still go after Dunn or Texiera if the price is right. However, they wouldn't be desperate enough to make a ridiculous offer. In 2010 Jackson and Butler could slip into the lineup, Jackson could move DeJesus to left or right to replace Nady or Damon and Butler could be the DH to replace Matsui.

This is just more random speculation but its an idea.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Going into the offseason one of the Yankees biggest problems to adress will be the hole in centerfield. I was hoping Melky Cabrera could fill the hole and back in April it looked like he would. However, he dropped off and now seems to be a failure. Brett Gardner stepped in to finish the year in centerfield, however, does anyone really trust him and Melky for next year? The offense is getting old and they can't afford to have holes in the lineup. So they can either stick with Gardner/Cabrera, sign a free agent, or trade for a guy. I`ve already said I don't like the first option and the free agent market looks pretty barren. Mike Cameron is the best guy available and he`s a huge injury risk.

So, they`re probably going to have to trade for somebody. Nate McLouth, Matt Kemp, and David DeJesus have all been suggested.

Matt Kemp would be great to get. Cano for Kemp rumors were suggested at the trade deadline and now they`ve been revived. However, they seem unlikely to me. Besides, I`m not sure I`d be willing to give up Cano and other prospects for Kemp.

David DeJesus and Nate McLouth are much better options. They`re not great fielders, however, they can hold their own and, hopefully, Austin Jackson can bump them over to right or left field in 2010. Neither are to old and both are cheap.

Could Kennedy, Wright, Gardner, and Britton get a deal done for either of them? They would be getting two potential starters, an immediate replacement in centerfield, and a solid reliever who, for whatever reason, will never get a shot with the Yankees. I`m just speculating right now and I`d love any thoughts on this trade proposal in the comments section, even if you think I`m a ridiculous homer.