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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vazquez's Finger "Felt Normal"

Javy threw a bullpen session yesterday and reported that his finger felt great. He is still set to start on Thursday which is good news.

He said: It felt normal, I didn’t feeling it pitching so I’m ready to go Thursday.”

Since Vazquez has finally got on track it is important to keep this hot streak going. The finger is still bruised but the swelling is completely gone.

In his last 3 outings Javy has given up just two runs and his velocity was noticeably higher. Last game he was pitching a one hit gem but had to come out after 6 due to the finger injury. He also only through 70 pitches in that outing showing that he was locating as well as getting people out. Now this was all against the Mets so maybe it could be taken as a grain of salt but Javy looks to be moving closer to his 2009 form.

(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breaking Down Vazquez's Third Start

I have been paying special attension to VazquezEven Joe Giradri said it was time for Vazquez to get a win and thankfully he did. Hopefully this will be a boost to his confidence but this wasn't exactly the start I was hoping for out of Javy. What he did adjust for this start was his delivery. His pitches were finally getting the movement that he wanted instead of just being meatballs over the plate. His velocity was improved a little as well reaching 91, which is low for him but better than last start (88-90). What Vazquez didn't do was make his pitches, throughout the game there were a few jams due to walks and then Javy would leave pitches over the plate (especially later in the game) that would be smashed for hits. He is lucky that it was only three runs and he picked up the win. His control was slightly better than his previous outings improving his strike to ball ratio from 1.5 (last start) to 2 last night. Vazquez is not back to normal yet, but this start is at least a step in the right direction. He still needs to get his velocity higher and work on executing his pitches.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vazquez's Problem "Easily Fixable"

As I said in the last post highlighting the start of the Yankees season, to put it bluntly, Javy Vazquez is struggling. If you have watched any of his starts you can see he is leaving pitches over the plate, his low 90s fastball and the overall lack of confidence on the mound. Boos showered him as he exited his last start; not exactly the redeeming return to New York he was looking for. In the time since his past start Vazquez has been hard at work with Dave Eiland to correct these problems.

Vazquez says that the ball is not moving due to his rushed delivery, this is attributed to the rush that comes with being a major league starting pitcher. The flaw is "easily correctable" according to Jav and something he has dealt with his entire career. Even Jorge agrees: "Everything is flat. The ball, instead of going downhill, it stays up in the zone and that's prime hitting area". That nasty bite is what helped Vazquez achieve 238 Ks.

He is not worried about his velocity, which is down to 89-91 mph as apposed to what he says should be 91-93 and topping off at 94. "That is not cause for concern" he said because he is still building up arm strength.

Perhaps (like Swisher) he just needs a break from Yankee stadium and this west coast trip will do him right.

Everyone, including me, still has faith in Vazquez. Cashman put it nicely: "I wouldn't have traded for him if I didn't"

Photo: Antonelli/News

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's Wrong With Javy?

People will treat Vazquez's 2nd start as a cause for panic, the flashback of 2004 are coming back sending chills down Yankee fans spines'. I however am not worried about Javy. His stuff is still good, actually it is really good. The thing that he is lacking is aggression. If you watched the game against the Angles you saw that he got a lot of pitchers in 2 strike counts. After that however he kept throwing way outside, as if he was trying to force the ball onto the corner instead of pounding hitter like he did with the Braves. I think Dave Eiland will work with Vazquez to get his confidence back. Though he velocity wasn't high it wasn't last year either. Once he gets himself right he can start helping this team win. I still think he will win around 15 games for the Yanks and I think fans just need to give him a chance. If he is still doing this in June by all means boo him off the mound but this is April. Players are still sorting themselves out. Don't boo a guy off the mound for giving up some runs in his second outing. We are classier than that, New York.