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Friday, November 21, 2008

Yankees News and Notes

Alright this is my first post from my iPhone so cut me some slack.

Moose has decided to go out on top and retire after his first career 20 win season. Mussina was the only pitcher who really pulled threw last year; even though he is a cranky old guy we will still miss him.

In other news Bobby Abreu was reportedly offered arbritration by the Yankees. This is a smart move, Abreu will say no and we will get the draft picks.

The Yankees are really in the market for pitching right now but a lot of sports writers think Lowe and Burnett will go elsewhere. To me that thought is crazy. The Yankees rotation right now is Wang, Joba, Hughes, IPK and Aceves. Sounds a little inexperenced doesn't it? The Yankees are going to do everything they can to get one or both if these guys. So their youngsters can develop and so that they don't have to trade. Even if that means giving Burnett 5 years, which he has clearly made his starting point.