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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/17- Tigers at Yankees: Game 118 (SWISH IS PLAYING)

Yankees (72-46) 
  1. Brett Gardner LF
  2. Derek Jeter SS
  3. Mark Teixeira 1B
  4. Robinson Cano 2B
  5. Nick Swisher RF
  6. Jorge Posada C
  7. Marcus Thames DH
  8. Curtis Granderson CF
  9. Ramiro Pena 3B
Pitching: CC Sabathia (15-5, 3.14)

Last appearance: 8/12 at KAN
8.2 IP, 3 ER
Dec = Win 

Tigers (58-60)
  1. Austin Jackson CF
  2. Ramon Santiago 2B
  3. Johnny Damon DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta SS
  6. Ryan Raburn LF
  7. Brandon Inge 3B
  8. Brennan Boesch RF
  9. Gerald Laird C
Pitching: Justin Verlander (13-7, 3.72)

Last appearance: 8/11 vs TAM
6.0 IP, 1 ER
Dec = Win

Monday, August 16, 2010

Injuries Galore

  • A-Rod left the game with tightness in his right calf, no tests have been scheduled and he has been listed as day to day. My guess is that A-Rod will sit out tomorrow and Girardi will give Ramiro the start at 3B. 
  • Swish also left with tightness but in his right forearm, no test have been scheduled for him either and he also has been listed as day to day. I really hope Swish plays tomorrow since I will be attending the game, I will be sitting in section 203 and I would love to him salute us. 
  • Nick Johnson's (remember him?) wrist is hurting again, his return to playing baseball this year looks grim.
  • The Yankees have "sharply limited" Javy Vazquez between start work due to his Little Leauge World Series fastball.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yankees Win

With the Yankees floundering and Cashman in the stands, it was clear they needed a win yesterday. Well, they pulled together and actually managed to pull it off, thank god.

For the first few innings it looked like we were going to be watching a pitcher's duel in which two or three runs might actually be enough. Not exactly though. The Braves pitcher, Kenshin Kawakami, was hit by a line drive by Joba and immeidately left the game. The Braves next pitcher, Kris Medlen, wasn't really any easier to hit though. In the fifth the tie was broken by a Jeff Franceour solo homer. It wasn't until the sixth that the Yankees finally broke up the perfect game with a seemingly unremarkable walk by Brett Gardner.

One problem I've had with Gardner on the basepaths this year is that he has a tendency to take to big of a lead. Pitchers know that he's going and he gets picked off more than he should. This was the case in last night's game. In what became the game defining play, Medlen fired a throw over to first, Gardner dove back, and the ump called him out. Replays showed he was safe and Girardi certainly thought he was safe but that's not how the ump saw it. Girardi went out their and got ejected, in the process firing up his team. I don't know if that really matters or not but the Yankees definitely seemed more animated today. The next batter, Fransisco Cervelli, hit the first home run of his career to tie it up and the rally would only continue. After singles by Jeter and Damon and a walk of Teixeira A-Rod had the chance to prove a point. As he often does in situations like that, he came through with the big hit and gave Joba a lead to work with. The Yankees would go on to tack on more runs with a Nick Swisher, who was almost benched for the game, home run and more by capitalizing on some mistakes by Atlanta in the later innings.

After the A-Rod hit though, the pitching took over. Joba was very strong through his first six innings. The only run he gave up was on a solo home run to Jeff Franceour and had five strikeouts. What was especially ecnouraging was the fact that he walked none. That's been his biggest problem this year. He was still shaking off Fransisco Cervelli but when he pitches like that, who cares? He did seem to tire though in the seventh. He gave up one earned run in that inning and another unearned run before giving way to Phil Coke who got out of the jam. Bruney almost gave it up in the 8th but Mariano came in and restored order.

Another big game today If they can get a win with Pettitte against Derrek Lowe then they may be ready to go on another one of those winning streak things. They won with the liveblog so for now I guess it stays. Hopefully this time comments will actually work.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where is Swisher's Gold Glove?

When Swisher first got traded to the Yankees we didn't really know where he was going to play, I originally saw him as a centerfielder. Wherever he was though, his defense was exciting to me and most other Yankees fans who knew him. His bat was the concern, although most expected him to come back to his old self. Well, he has not dissapointed at the plate. Nick carried the struggling team early on and has gone through periods of hotness and coldness since then. However, his misplays in the outfield have caused some Yankees fans to want to smash their TV's. So, why is Nick still making these mistakes?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vote Swisher

We love Swisher here at TheChuckKnoblog, and a great site has been started up to get Swish into the ASG. VOTESWISHER was established by three Yankee fans. Since he is not on the ballot you need to write him in. Click here to get to the ballot and let's try to get Nick on the All-Start team.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Comic: Mid-Series Update

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Comic: Serendipitous Swisher

Swisher may have been New York's most effective pitcher. After giving up a walk and Tampa Bay's 17th hit, he struck out Gabe Kapler and got Pena and Pat Burrell to fly out.
"I had fun with it. When am I ever going to have a chance to do that again? Probably never," said Swisher, who hadn't pitched in a game since he was a freshman in high school. "We know we didn't play very well. Got to find something to laugh about in that moment. I just happened to be the guy." source
From Swisher's Twitter:
My arm is killing me! hahahahaha
Swish is my Homeboy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Born Again

After New York wanted him dead C.C. is Born Again: 7.2 IP, 6 Ks, 0 BB

Swisher (Season Stats): .538 Avg, 2 HRs, 9 RBIs, .625 OBP, 1.385 SLG; Screw Matsui

Full Post

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Swisha House

Swish- 3-5, 2 Runs, 5 RBI


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swisher Being Swisher

We love you Nick.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dunn and Abreu Sign

To take a break from the A-Rod show, Abreu and Dunn have signed. The former Yankee signed for a one year five million dollar deal with the Angels. The Knoblog golden boy got a 2 year, 20 million dollar deal with the Nationals.

First of all, sorry to Brian Cashman. I was dissapointed that Abreu didn't get offered arbitration but in retrospect, Cash can read the market a helluva lot better than I can. Second of all, that's a pretty nice bargain for Dunn. It makes no sense for the Nationals but for a normal team, he makes a ton of sense.

The only real impact for the Yanks though is that this drives up the value on Nady and Swisher. The Braves are on the verge of the playoffs according to PECOTA and if they could add a Nady or Swisher it could push them over the edge. Now they may be willing to give up a bit more for Nady/Swisher.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yankees Defense Should Be Better in '09

According to Fangraphs' UZR, via RLYW, the Yankees project to be seven runs above average defensively this year, a 46 run (or roughly 4 and a half win) upgrade over last year's team. Let's break this down a little. While Fangraphs expects slight regressions from Jeter, A-Rod, and Damon, the major improvements come from the departures of Bobby Abreu (-25.2 UZR last year) and Jason Giambi. While Giambi's -1.8 UZR last year is not horrible, he is replaced with Mark Teixeira's projected +3, which is a half-win upgrade in itself. Abreu's awful mark will be replaced mainly by Xavier Nady, but SG has Nick Swisher seeing some time in right as well. Nady projects to be -1, and Swisher +3. While a +7 team mark is encouraging, I don't think it will be that high. My reasoning for this is that I think SG gave Melky and Brett Gardner too much time in center for his projections. He has Nick Swisher playing just 242 innings in center, and Johnny Damon not playing any. I think that barring any moves, that pair will get at least half the innings in center. However, even with that scenario, the Yankees should still be greatly improved defensively in 2009.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Elijah Dukes

There's been a lot of rumors surrounding Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher recently, and one of them will likely be traded before Spring Training, though I don't really think that's necessary. However, if we were to trade say, Xavier Nady, I think it would be a good idea to trade for a center fielder. The Nationals have a known interest in Nady, and they also have a troubled outfielder named Elijah Dukes. Dukes has had a lot of problems off the field in his career, and they were all pretty serious. However, his upside is enormous. He won't hit for a great average, but it won't be Adam Dunn bad, and he also walks a lot (15.3% walk rate), with good pop (.209 career IsoP). He is a plus defender at the corners, but I'm not sure how well he can play center, but he shouldn't be unbearably bad, and if he lives up to his offensive potential it will be well worth it. Just what is that offensive potential? In roughly half a season last year, he put up an .864 OPS and a .382 wOBA at just 24 years old. At age 30, Xavier Nady put up similar numbers: an .867 OPS and a .374 wOBA.

This move also solves a future problem. Dukes is under team control for another five years, while Nady will leave after next year. In 2010, Dukes can shift over to right, with Swisher in left (I'm not sure but I think Dukes has a better arm) and AJax in center. So instead of competing with probably five or six other teams for a thirty year-old Matt Holliday or re-signing an aging Johnny Damon, we can just use our young stud outfielder in right.

However, there are plenty of caveats to this move. First of all, would the Nats do it? Dukes's trade value is slightly deflated because of his legal troubles, but I don't know how low it is in the eyes of Jim Bowden. To be honest, I really don't know if we could get Dukes + for Nady, or if Bowden would even take a straight-up swap seriously. Second, there's Dukes' aformentioned legal troubles. I ussually don't care at all if a guy has been arrested or has had other problems, as long he plays well, I like him. But Dukes might be a different story. He has been arrested four times, has five children with four women, and threatened to kill his wife and child. Last year, the Nationals hired an ex- police officer to follow him around and keep him out of trouble, and he had no problems last year. So it is possible he has turned a corner. I mean, Josh Hamilton has done it, why can't he? So what we have to do is weigh the potential for an offensive monster who plays good D (once we move him to a corner) against the possibility that he goes back to his old ways and ends up struggling to stay on the field. What do I say? I say if a Nady-Dukes swap is availible straight up, do it. If we have to give up Swisher instead, I would want some more from the Nats. What do the rest of you think.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hang On To Nady

I`ve discussed a few different Nady trade ideas before and if they do trade someone, Nady should be the guy. I still maintain most of what I`ve written. However, I think it`d be best if they traded nobody at all.

First of all, the chances of them getting an Aaron Harang or Jonathan Sanchez are small. Their are still plenty of corner outfielders on the market like Dunn and even Manny if you`re willing to splurge. At the moment a guy like Pat Burrell, who was comparable to Nady last year, was just given a 2 year deal worth 8 million a year. This is a buyers market where Abreu could be had for about 10 million for one year, Dunn could get a similar AAV for two or three years. Teams are not going to give up young talent for a difference of only about one win and a couple million dollars.

Secondly, theirs a lot of value in having a guy like Swisher on the bench. Swisher can play first base, DH, left-field, and right-field all very well (excepting DH....). The Yanks went into 2008 with Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, and Bobby Abreu playing those respective positions. Out of the 162 games a year they missed a combined total of 111 games. These games were filled with a rather pathetic combination of Brett Gardner, Wilson Betemit, Justin Christian, and whoever else they had to throw out there. Eventually, Nady came over in a trade and filled up a lot of at bats but it cost us Jose Tabata.

So how critical were those 111 games? Well, assuming Swisher bounces back to his usual levels of about 3.5 wins above replacement level he`d have been a pretty big upgrade over the guys they threw out there last year. Or for that matter, what they may have to deal with this year. Melky, Gardner, and Ransom, who would otherwise be the backups for the positions that Swisher plays, were basically replacement level last year. One of Melky and Gardner will end up starting in center as well. So, over those 111 games Swisher would add 2.4 wins to the Yanks total. To give you an idea of what that means, Nady improved 2.6 wins from 2007 to 2008, his career year. Those 2.4 wins are worth about 13 million dollars. Theirs a big advantage you get from having a bench guy who can step in and rest the normal starters as well.

The most obvious part of this trade is Nady's own value. Ironically, it may be the least important part. If he were traded it would push Swisher into a starting role. If Swisher bounces back then even if Nady can repeat his 2008 it would be basically a wash. Both would be worth about 3.5 wins. I think its much more likely that Nady reverts back to his old self than Swisher staying as his new self as well so this is essentially a wash.

Theirs also one more reason. Nady only needs to have a decent 2009 to be ranked as a Type A free agent and since he`s only making 6 million dollars next year he will probably decline arbitration if he has a good enough year to make that ranking. So, any trade offer would have to beat the 2.4 wins that Swisher adds as a bench player and the two draft picks that they will probably/hopefully receive for Nady when he leaves as a free agent. I doubt it. Especially if Pettitte returns and they have no need for a 5th starter. Besides that, any young pitcher they traded for would create a log-jam there that would perpetually block any of their pitching prospects that they`ve worked to develop.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Who to Trade?

With the recent signing of Teixeira their's been talk of trading one or two of the Yanks corner outfielders. If they traded one it would make room for Pettitte (which may or may not already exist) and if they traded two they could conceivably be able to afford Manny Ramirez (don't see that happening though). I only see them trading one, if that. Here`s a look at the 3 guys they`re considering trading.

Damon had a great year last year offensively. In fact, believe it or not it was one of the best years of his career with the bat. However, he`s getting older, is an injury risk, and can't play a good centerfield anymore. I`d be shocked if even came close to replicating 2008. Normally, it would be a good time to sell high on him going into a contract year. Unfortunately, though, they can't. His perceived value is a lot lower than his actual value and they wouldn't get enough back to make it worth it. Damon also has a partial NTC and likes New York. He would require some sort of compensation if he were traded making him less attractive to any suitor as well.

Swisher was basically just robbed from the White Sox. They gave up very little to get him and he`s poised to have a huge bounce-back year. What they would get for Swisher is almost definitely going to be less than what they gave up for him as well. He`s under team control for the next few years at a fairly low price as well. Swisher also is going to be one of the only players under 30 in the opening day starting lineup. Trading Swisher makes zero sense.

Matsui can still hit fairly well but that's about it. He`s never been a very good left-fielder and now he`s a huge problem out there so that probably takes out the entire NL as potential trade partners. He`s also the biggest injury risk on this list. It seems like all those years of playing all out every day have taken a toll on him. The odds are probably against him being worth the 13 million dollars left on his contract. They`d have to pick up a big chunk of that and accept almost nothing in return if they were to trade. He brings in a lot of money from Japan as well which might make them reluctant to trade him. Further adding to this mess is that he has a full NTC.

Nady has always been a solid player until 2008. It wasn't until then that he became a genuine star player. The question is whether he`s a late bloomer having a breakout year or just a fluke. I really have no idea how to tell which it is but past history tells us that a fluke is more likely. It might be a good idea to sell high on him here. He`s the only one who would actually bring back anything of value and only has one year left anyway. Moving him would put Gardner or Melky into the lineup but it also lets Damon move to a corner spot. If Nady reverts to his previous offensive levels then the upgrade on defense over a bad Damon and a mediocore Nady largely cancels out the difference between hitters.

Many teams would have interest in Nady and I`ll get into that later on but any trade that could possibly happen probably wouldn't happen for a while. Later on when most of the top free agent hitters are off the board some of the losers may come calling Cashman. Then we might start hearing some rumors. I still don't think the Yanks are done yet though.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas From TCK

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Cashman with all of his homies

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swisher Talks

The newest Yankee, Nick Swisher, talked a little bit about last year:
"I did a lot of things last year that I was not used to doing," Swisher said Tuesday on a conference call. "I led off for the first time in my career, which was a little bit of a change. But I'm not a guy to make excuses.  "In my mind, I don't think I've reached my full potential.""Last year, obviously, statistically I didn't have the year that I wanted to," Swisher said, "but you know what, this is a different year. This is '09, not '08. I know in my mind that I've grown not only as a player, but as a man. Last year was a very humbling year for me, and I learned a lot from it."
Swisher is also excited that he is getting to play first base. He said "it would be very exciting to see what I could do for a full season over there". Swish is also a big supporter of A.J. Burnett and is pleased that his new team is going after him.
"I guess I could characterize (Burnett's) stuff as electric," said Swisher, who is 2-for-10 against Burnett in his career. "He's one of those guys where it just feels every time you step in the box it's an uncomfortable at-bat. The guy can run the ball up to 98, 99 mph, has a great curveball, commands the plate well, both sides, and would be a huge pickup if we can get him."
Now that Swisher has less pressure on him in the line-up and he is playing the position that he likes I am predicting an electric year from this scruffy kid. As a bonus he also poses for top-less black and white pictures (top right) 

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Friday, November 14, 2008

Now I get it.....

Here`s an exclusive transcript of the dialogue between Kenny Williams and Brian Cashman while discussing the Swisher trade. Now I finally understand what Williams was thinking.

Thursday, November 13, 2008




Update by Nate: The two minor league pitchers are Jeff Marquez and Johnny Nunez. Marquez was once a solid prospect but his numbers have decreased significantly recently, and is now not much of a prospect. Johnny Nunez put up decent numbers after being acquired for the Nationals for Alberto Gonzalez, but he is a relief pitcher, and doesn't profile as a closer, so he's really a spare part. Betemit has shown potential, but has not produced very much and should be replaceable.