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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bleich is Promoted to AA

Mike Ashmore has the news on his blog. He has a long quote from Tommy Phelps, Trenton's pitching coach, on Bleich. I happy to see him get the call. Early on I wasn't sure we'd made the right decision for our prospect watch but he's shown a great deal of potential since then. He definitely deserves the promotion and it'll be exciting to see him tested against higher competition. His first start for Trenton will be Thursday.

I also want to apologize for the missing recaps the past three days. I promise that win or lose I'll have one up tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Rough Start For Bleich

Bleich followed up a bad start with another poor one. In his five innings he gave up six runs, five of them were earned. His K/BB was also unspectacular at 5/3. Still, his FIP is 3.40. He has to get his K/9 a little higher but done well so far.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bleich Dominates Again

Bleich followed up two very nice starts with another gem. Through six innings he gave up only one run in the first inning. He also contained what his been his biggest problem by only walking one guy while striking out four. All of a sudden his ERA is down to 2.94 and his K/BB is up to 2.19.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Jeremy Bleich Watch

Yesterday I unveiled my idea for a prospect watch and narrowed it down to one of Dellin Bettances, Jeremy Bleich, and Zack McAllister. Ultiamtely I went with Bleich because he seems to be the one who should move through the minors fastest this year. Bleich was a controversial pick last year. A lot of people thought he was a big reach but the Yankees must have seen something in him to make him their second pick. RAB had a good profile on him back in November which is worth a read. After every Bleich start I'll devote a post to how he did and update his season stats. Hopefully he'll have a good year and be a starter for the Yankees in a couple years.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Knoblog Prospect Watch

One of my favorite blogs is RAB and one of their best features is their annual prospect watch. Every year they've chosen one prospect to follow update his stats after their every game. Its a pretty cool idea so I'm going to steal it for our blog. I know its a little late to start it with the season already underway but I'd like to start it now. I'm not sure who its going to be though.

I know its got to be a pitcher since theirs no way I`m going to have the time to update it every day and I also want to make sure they're far away enough that they're not going to come up mid-season. That rules out Hughes, Melancon, Kennedy, and Aceves, two of whom may be coming up within a couple days. I'm looking for a guy with star potential as well who could be up within a year or two if all goes well. RAB is doing Brackman this year and I don't want to totally steal their idea so that rules him out as well. I was thinking one of Zack McAllister, Dellin Bettances, or Jeremy Bleich. I haven't decided yet though and give me your thoughts on this in the comments if you have any.