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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Climbing Up the Standings

The Yankees are in 2nd place in the AL East and are only 2.5 games behind the Rays. The Yanks are riding a 4 game winning streak. Things are looking up for the Yankees once more. Jorge and Curtis are back and the only player who they are missing still is Nick Johnson but he will be gone for a while (August at least). Anyway the Rays move on to play the Rangers tomorrow while we finish up against Baltimore. As for the Yankees chances in the final game against the Orioles I wouldn't go to my favorite sportsbook and bet against them. The Yankees could very well move into first place after this weekend. Boston is starting to heat up as well, also winning 4 in a row.

As you all most likely saw on ESPN the blown call by the ump which cost a perfect game. This will further the rally for instant replay and Gallaraga's perfect game should be acknowledged by the MLB. However Selig says Major League Baseball will look at expanded replay and umpiring, but not the botched call Wednesday night. They should reverse the call and give the kid what he earned.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wrapping Up June

The Yankees have finished June and now let's check totals from that month.

Time for some statistical fun!

The Yankees came in with the 17th best team average (.253) behind both the Red Sox (.260) and Rays (.284) who lead the MLB. As for long-balls the Yankees finished 8th best in the league in home runs totaling up to 33 much less than last month (42) due to the many away games. Scoring 140, 4th in the league, and driving in 140, 4th in the league. Yankees team OBP is 2nd in the Majors coming in
at .354 which is similar to last month. Their slugging % is 5th best in the game, .433. A slightly lower BABIP (.269).

Since the Yankees started the month poorly but ended with a 7 game winning streak. So they earned some pretty average numbers. Hopefully in the next month they will keep the streak going.

Season Totals: Avg: 272 (4th), HRs: 116 (2nd), RBIs: 404 (2nd), OBP: 355 (2nd)

The Yankees clocked 15 wins this month (8th) and 11 losses (7th). Coming in at 10th the Yankees ERA 3.55. The K were sweet this month the Yanks came in 2nd (215). Giving up an insane 26 HR (13th)
Starting Pitching had a 4.07 ERA (16th)

Relief Pitching had a 2.63 ERA (6th).

Season Totals: W-L: 16-11, ERA: 4.24 (21), K's: 227 (4th)

The Yankees team UZR is -6.7

Here are the current standings:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Looking Good

(Click for large image)